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We’re Heading Out For The Sacred Earth Tour Spreading Our Message,#GetOutIntoNature #NatureHeals

The WAKE UP “Sacred Earth Tour” is taking us around the country spreading our message, “Get out into Nature. Our Sacred Earth Mother is calling us to utilize the Natural Medicine of the Earth to HEAL!”

Research reveals that environments can increase or reduce stress, impact our bodies and our overall health. An unpleasant environment may elevate blood pressure, heart rate and suppress the immune system. Being in Nature reduces anxiety, anger, blood pressure, heart rate and even decreases stress hormones, improving overall wellbeing.

How Does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing? Taking Charge of Your Health & Wellbeing. (n.d.).

On this Tour we will be teaching our classes and facilitating workshops: Camping 101, Survival in The Woods, Fire Keeping, Foraging and Holistic Healing. Additionally, we will be hosting discussions on Deforestation, Climate Change, Responsible Growth vs. Degrowth. We invite you to come join the conversation. It’s time for us to think of alternative roads to greatness that are in harmony with our planet.

 Come out for a good cause!!

All Roads lead to French Creek, Pennsylvanian for our 2nd Annual Community Campout!

July 30th -August 2ndALL INCLUSIVE Event! 

Adventures * Meals * Activities for both Children & Adults! 

Just SHOW UP!! This is also a Fundraiser so we can continue our good works. So bring the whole family out for this fun filled weekend. Help us build this Village & a brighter tomorrow for the future generations!!

Our message is, Honor Mother Earth, Stand In Solidarity & Build For The Generations to Come!

This tour is part of our #TreesAreForOxygen Campaign; encouraging community members around the nation to plant trees, reduce our carbon footprint and live more fulfilled lives, in harmony with nature. This campaign is impacting millions and adding to the overall wellbeing of the planet! Join our Cause!

For more information about our work and interviewing opportunities please call: 903-366-2467.

Or you may visit our website:


Phone: 903-366-2388

Contact: Dominique Massiah

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