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Never Settle For Less.

Life comes with a lot of choices to make. They can either be beneficial or they could potentially have a negative effect, but you won’t know until you make it. I have made several choices that changed my life throughout my career, and I’ve never settled for less than what I think I’m worth. You have the choice to accept the things that you really want and reject what is not for you. There have been plenty of times where I was given business offers that sounded like a fast route to success, but I knew deep down it wouldn’t get me to where I truly wanted to be. This lesson isn’t just subjective to being successful in your career and can also relate to any type of relationship and/or daily life choices.

There are three things you should remember:

1. Your worth.

2. What kind of life you want to live.

3.Your time

Know Your Worth!

Self-worth goes beyond a yearly salary or wage. It all comes from how you view and express yourself. Think about the voice inside your head. Does it challenge you to do more? Does it accept your flaws? If your answers to these questions are yes, then you know how much you are truly worth. If you think low of yourself, it can affect what kind of choices you make for yourself. I never doubt myself or my capabilities because I know that I’m in charge of my life and judgemental opinions from others don’t matter. Knowing your worth can help you set boundaries with yourself and others, therefore making you very aware of what you will allow.

Never accept anything you don’t like.

Live The Life You Want.

If you go around accepting every offer given to you, would you truly feel satisfied or just complacent? You should always make a choice based on the goals you want to achieve. If you make a decision because it sounds easy or fast, you might not be getting what you really want. Before becoming successful, I thought about what life I truly wanted to live, and I made sure not to settle for less. It is manifestation through your subconscious mind , which in turn allows for you to make the decisions that will further you in a career or even a relationship. 

Every Minute Counts!

A task isn’t a waste of time if you enjoy it. Therefore, always remember that accepting an offer or making a choice can lead you to spend some of your time on it. If you feel like you’ve settled for less than what you wanted, then obviously it’s going to feel like you wasted your time. It’s important to not rush a decision if you are not at least 95% sure about it. In addition to this, if it means that you have to spend more time looking for the right choice, then the time spent will be worth it. I’m the type of person that likes to spend my time wisely and be efficient, so I don’t rush because I believe that everything that is supposed to be for me will come when it needs to.

Remember time wasted is time lost. 

There are things you’ve been thinking about doing…do it. There are things that you’ve been wanting to do…do it. There are things that you’ve been dreaming about doing…do it. Don’t wait anymore…do it.

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