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Meet the FPV artist – An interview with Jr Lee (@jrxlee)

Jr Lee create FPV films with his unique editing style. His videos isn’t just about flying drone, it’s about creating a moment to feel it. He shared with us about his FPV journey & also about himself.

1. You started as an interior designer, how did you pick up FPV drone?

I got interested in FPV drones when I first saw a FPV tourism promotional video on instagram back in 2019. I started fly it on a simulator making sure I learn all the basic movements before I fly a real drone. It takes a lot of practice. Then I started making vlogs about my FPV journey and share it.

2. How did you build your own custom drone? What is the most important steps to build a FPV drone?

As a designer, I’ve a good knowledge with all the 3D printing & laser cutting skills. I laser cut my drone frame with carbon fiber plate. Then combine all other parts together such as motors, controllers & etc. I guess safety precaution is the important steps when it comes to building a drone, making sure the drone is in correct weight, batteries lifespan, wire connection & radio connection. Joining the online FPV community group is very helpful as well, everyone is so generous respond to message whenever we have any problem while building our drone.

3. What is the differences between FPV drone & consumer drone?

Well, FPV drone gives you a sense of flying like a bird in first person view, it creates a very immersive experience & enable you to do many acrobatics movement that a consumer drone can’t do. The hardest part is to fly it precisely without crashing it. Both drones are used for different purpose depends on the shots that you want in a film.

4. How has FPV changed your career?

FPV is hobby to me but now, it slowly become part of my business. I started to get offers from directors to film commercial films & live events. I’m trying to merge both interior design & FPV filming into a business. I make FPV videos to help my clients promoted their business. Making a good FPV video requires lots of hard work & a good team of professionals working together behind the scene.

5. Tell us more about how you merge both interior design & FPV film in your work?

In the design industry we use 3D animation & video to showcase our design portfolio. Now I use FPV drone to film interior spaces with a single continuous drone shot, flying from high to low, indoor to outdoor & though different narrow spaces, which a traditional camera can’t do. It’s a fresh visual communication language to tell a story about the interior space without much word & leave a lasting impression.

6. What can we expect from you in your next project?

I’m currently working mostly on real estate projects, I wanted to meet & connect with more like-minded creators & people abroad & collaborate after the covid travel restriction loosen. I’m planning to work with some tourism & history documentary related projects.

7. Apart from FPV drone & design, what else do you do personally?

Painting. I paint whenever I have free time, my life revolves around creative stuff. I’m constantly seeking new inspirations & ways to make better design & films.

Check out Jr Lee’s vlogs on youtube & visit his social media at @jrxlee

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