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Just because I was born poor; it doesn’t mean I have to die poor. We all have a story worth telling.

You are not your present circumstances. Just because you were not born with money. It doesn’t mean you have to die without it. Your mess is your message. Keep sharing it and surrounding yourself with others that you want to become like them. You just never know when you will find others who are just like you. Others that become the change you want to see in others.
Mon celebrates the young Leo being alive after all the complications. Keep sharing your story. You never know who’s life will be saved because you showed up.

Just because I was born poor; it doesn’t mean I have to die poor. We all have a message worth telling. 

My name is Mon Anthony Era. I always dreamed of providing a better life for my parents. That mindset started when I was rock bottom over and over again. Deep inside I knew I was going to do it if I didn’t quit. Another part of the dream was helping young people. 

The ones that would most likely end up in the streets in the Philippines if no-one did anything about it. 

I decided to step up and educate myself in the last decade to learn marketing, social media marketing, branding, and helping others grow. 

Even if they didn’t have anything to start with or didn’t know anyone on the rich side of town.

I was at rock bottom working 7 days a week. I would take half a day off on Sunday to go to church. You gotta do what you got to do right? 

I was Blessed to meet my mentor Carlos Siqueira online who mentored me for free and took me in as an intern in his company after hearing my story. 

He gave me a salary and challenged me to get better by 1% every day for the rest of my life so I could fulfill my dreams faster. 

It’s about helping others when we are in over our heads. 

My mentor wished someone one day had done that for him when he was a very poor kid selling bread in the streets. 

He didn’t just take me in. He taught me a whole lot about human behavior, marketing, business, branding, entrepreneurship and philanthropic work even if I didn’t have any extra money after paying all the bills. Some people just don’t have the money to donate. But we all have time to help others that are less fortunate than ourselves. 

Fast forward now 5 years later. We have helped so many people grow their online business, build better brands and go after their dreams. The best part, we are helping dozens of young adults in the Philippines and worldwide also learn the ins and outs of growing a business online. 

You may be going through tough times, but there is someone out there going through worse. I almost lost one of the kids we helped named Leo during covid here in the Philippines. He got sick and needed a blood transfusion, but his body was so weak and was too risky to perform the procedure. His family didn’t have the money to pay for the hospital bills, food, medicine, and the transportation to go back and forth to the hospital as his father was out of work. I told that to my mentor Carlos and he loves all the kids we help here. He told me as we were talking, “I just sent you money to your paypal account. Stop everything you are doing and go give it to Leo’s mom right now, and tell her we got this. Leo will be healed in the mighty name of Jesus.” I was in happy tears. Carlos asked all his followers to send prayers for Leo. The world came together from all 5 continents and showed love for a kid they didn’t even know who lives on the other side of the world on a small Island in very poor conditions. 

At the end it is all about love and people coming together. Those are the things we remember. Those moments are the moments we will take to the grave. It’s all about community and creating that type of culture for your brand, your employees and everyone you serve. As I love to say: “Fight for success, put in the sweat equity and never stop dreaming.” 

I bring them in as interns. We pay for their education to learn English and we teach them entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and also to do philanthropic work even though they are poor. 

I am so grateful for my mentor and now close friend Carlos Siqueira. When he learns things from his mentors and his ultra wealthy friends, he passes it on for free to others who want to grow. 

You don’t have to put everything in a course.

Now I do the same for the kids and young adults here in my neighborhood.  

I want to challenge you to do the same. Pass on your wisdom to others in need who feel like quitting or giving up their dreams. 

Here is a very important question for you to ask yourself when in doubt or feeling like quitting on your dreams.

How do I feel about myself when I am by myself? 

If you can honestly say: Happy. That’s the secret. 

The happiest people on the planet don’t have the best of everything,  but they do make the best of everything. 

Now, we help others get featured on Podcasts, land media opportunities to interview them and have their inspirational message on the front page news in front of a whole lot of people. 

Nothing is impossible in life. Never listen to the crap others try to label you as or the things we allow inside our mind. 

Keep sharing your story. There is someone waiting to hear it out of 8 billion people. 

Mon Anthony Era

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