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Award-Winning Digital Creative Christopher Saint Has Built an Awe-Inspiring Career

Fulfillment is defined differently by different people. It can be getting their educational degree, living their childhood dream, or starting a family with the people close to their hearts. In the case of Christopher Saint, an activist, entrepreneur, influencer, and singer-songwriter, he feels fulfilled when he’s able to inspire people.

Christopher is an Asian-American artist from California who worked his way to the top despite the struggles of being a queer POC. During college, he went to the University of Southern California where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in Communication Management in addition to his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations. However, his passion was to empower people, so he didn’t stop there.

“I’ve never felt called to do something the way it’s been done before. I feel like the fascination of being an artist and entrepreneur was evident for me at an early age. I was always curious how the blend of both creativity and business could be harnessed to make a difference in this world,” said Christopher.

In 2015, he founded the creative marketing agency Palette Studio LA. Through it, he has helped public personalities and companies create strategies to increase their influence and make a name for themselves. Some of the biggest brands that have been his clients are Columbia Records, Entertainment Weekly, Getty Images, Logitech, Sony Music, and The Los Angeles Times, among many others.

However, he still saw that he can do more to change the world for the better. Therefore, he used his God-given talent in music to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and reach a bigger audience. Since then, Christopher has performed in numerous stages, such as at the OC Pride and LA PRIDE. His song “Love is Love” is even hailed as the LGBTQ+ community anthem and its music video won during the QueerX Festival. This year, Christopher’s original song “We’ve Got Love” was used for McDonald’s first-ever “House of Pride” campaign.

Christopher said, “This was the first time that McDonald’s has leaned into the community with such magnitude. It was amazing to be a part of such a historic moment and to have my song be recognized by a global brand for Pride Month.”

His achievements were what made him renowned in the queer community. Pride

festivals in Southern California have even invited him to perform his song and be a guest speaker. During the Los Angeles Times Business Forum, he was also made to honor LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and business owners recognized in their chosen industry.

The list of achievements for him as an entrepreneur and artist, don’t stop there. All that he has built throughout his years of hard work made him closer and closer to his goal of empowering the queer community. He then founded the Made in Love Movement platform which allowed him to reach more people to join them in their mission of spreading love and empowerment. Made in Love Movement comprises artists whose missions are to communicate truth and love the most important truths in life. Through their art, they share their stories and words of inspiration with the world. They remind people that loving means expressing their authentic selves.

“When we come together as a collective, change can occur in a big way. Storytelling is a form of currency in this world. We can activate and inspire each other for good just by speaking our truth. I’m committed in my journey to express my truth, even when it’s difficult or feels daunting.”

In Christopher’s case, he shared through Mostly Angels LAthat spirituality is his way of expressing love. Mostly Angels LA is an LA-based spiritual collective, healing space, community, and retailer that Chris supports in brand marketing and strategy. He fights for his philosophy that queer people shouldn’t be disqualified from spirituality because of their sexuality or identity. Regardless of their preferences in their partners, divinity is our birthright and they still have every right to love God and openly express it.

“When I performed at LA Pride, I stood before a 30-foot electronic screen that said ‘God Loves All Of Us.’ I genuinely believe that. When we access love from within, regardless of what society has prescribed, we transform ourselves and others to new heights of divine possibility,” said Christopher.

Christopher proves through his story that there’s no limitation to what you can do if you are grounded to your purpose. Therefore, even if you’ve gotten recognition in a particular aspect but still feel like there’s something more in store for you, then go for it. Regardless of your look and what your preferences are, you have the potential for greatness. You have to first see that in yourself.

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