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Care: An L.A. entrepreneur’s journey to empowerment

A first generation Egyptian, a L.A. entrepreneur and a speech therapist all in one, Caroline, who goes by Care, does it all. Her parents immigrated to the United State and she grew up in the melting pot of Los Angeles, California. Although she is young, she owns two successful startups in L.A., MyCare Therapy and Rich Girls Apparel.

Her journey towards these businesses were long and marked with transformative events in her life. While she was studying for her bachelor’s degree in communications, Care was unfortunately diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that ignited her passion for speech therapy for others in need. Care’s trials and tribulations sets her businesses apart from others because her experiences gave her a more personal insight and passion for her work. Care has helped hundreds of children navigate the difficulties of speech therapy through her MyCare program. She currently handles many cases on multiple sites to help children who have wide range of language-based challenges.

MyCare has helped hundreds of children learn how to express themselves in a nurturing and constructive environment. Care offers personal assessments, weekly group activities and in person therapy session and has garnered praise for her hands on approach to therapy. She is motivated to continue her journey of empowerment in the L.A. area by also creating a female oriented fashion brand. Her brand Rich Girls is Care’s apparel site that offers trendy clothing with female positive messages to urge women of all ages, color and sizes to embrace their inner goddess.

Her brand has garnered thousands of followers for her unique athleisure, activewear and streetwear design. Due to her health scare, Care once again utilized that pain and created something positive. Richgirls was created on the basis of body positivity and strength. Care wants all girls to appreciate and love the body they were given and feel a sense of confidence in her apparel.

Care is a prime example of successful, dynamic, and compassionate businesswoman in the L.A. area. She has the intrinsic motivators from her health and upbringing to strive for businesses that add value to her local community. MyCare and RichGirls will just be the beginning for Care as she continues to grow in her field and philanthropic works.

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