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The Impact of the Woolsey Fire on Surrounding County Homes and the Way Forward

After the Woolsey fires, many homeowners are still too scared to return to the affected areas. However, those who have nowhere else needed urgent assistance to rebuild or put their homes back together. And GNK is helping these people in the affected communities realize that they can own beautiful and functional homes again.

After the Woolsey fires of 2018, many people don’t have homes anymore. The buildings are either completely taken down by the fire or in dire need of reconstruction. The impact of this incident still stings many homeowners in the area today. And not that this is in any way pleasant, but the effect of the fire brings an opportunity for us to do what we know how to do best. We want to help people who need aesthetic and functional homes that would serve their needs. 

Now, California’s building regulations favoring the development of ADUs have a big impact on the situation in the fire-affected areas. We are very much into helping homeowners construct accessory dwellings that attach to larger homes, remodeling old structures, and building them from the ground up. 

If anything during this difficult time of getting back up and deciding to build again, it’s that homeowners dread disappointment. They want a home that would be worth staying in again after the sad occurrence. Fortunately, GNK’s director pays attention to details and the needs of his clients. One client said that working with GNK to make their home was the best experience they’ve ever had with any construction company. 

Meanwhile, without any doubt, GNK’s sole intention, which comes from genuine empathy concerning the situation in California, is to help build a house that they’ll love to stay in.

The Effects of the Fire on the Communities

In 2018, the Woolsey fire razed Los Angeles and Ventura counties. This fire, which started at a facility between the two counties, resulted in lots of burnt houses and three deaths. According to AON, the cost of damage by the fire would be around $4.2 billion. 

Since then, it’s been a while, and now people are healing from their wounds and deciding to build again. It takes a lot to make that decision after so much has been lost. And we want to give our clients something special in their homes to help them move on. And what else better than a beautiful home just the way they want it.

What do Homeowners in Los Angeles need?

It’s common knowledge that lots of houses fell to the Woolsey fires. Precisely about 1,197 homes. The numbers are staggering, but we are unfazed about helping as much as we can. People continue to require housing that will offer the best user experience and withstand fire hazards. Fulfilling our mission to help the fire victims comes at no cost because it’s our major goal — to rebuild our community. Although the unfortunate destruction of homes by the fire didn’t necessarily happen due to the incompetence of the designers and contractors of the buildings, we are working towards creating structures that can withstand the fires better. 

Our Objective

Our mission is not merely to lure the people in need of homes to work with us to remodel or rebuild their homes. We also take client requirements very seriously. However, the client’s needs cannot be applicable. We are sure we can create homes that people will love and feel comfortable within. The goal is to create elegant and breathtaking designs in massive collaboration with our clients. One thing that’s for sure is that we are ready to listen and not work for but work together with our clients. 

Techniques and Innovations

Fire debris is hazardous to homeowners’ health, and this is one of the things we make sure to take care of before work starts on our sites. The need to take care of this is urgent, and we treat it as so. 

Another aspect of these buildings that should be looked into is the state of the wastewater treatment system. There are two options to the septic systems considering their condition. If the systems don’t get damaged by the fire and pass the required check, they can be used. On the other hand, there would be a need for repairs. 

Although we’d love our clients to be fully involved in the design process and make homes that suit them almost perfectly, there are some necessary aspects of the building we’d love to include where possible. And they are very important.

  • Fire resistance 
  • Energy efficiency

With fire-resistant buildings, the thermal conductivity is low. Even the building would not burn easily. Whenever it comes to fire-resistant structures, the bone of contention is not whether fire can damage the structures but how long it would take. Materials that can stand the test of time under intense heat are preferred because they give occupants a better chance to exit the buildings in the case of any fire outbreak. We’ll take into account every material in your building to make fire resistance possible.

Energy efficiency will help cut the cost of electricity which is quite necessary due to the high cost of electricity. Indirectly, the use of energy-efficient technologies in a building can also reduce the risk of fires. Energy-efficient practices could reduce the stress on energy transmission lines and prevent possible fires in the future. 

Measures for the future 

Looking into the future, we believe that it would be necessary to make sure that besides making the homes more durable to withstand fires. Precautions remain of optimal importance. Some of the things that we can’t avoid doing are the following.

We would consider combustible vegetation and its proximity to the homes. We’ll also map out evacuation points that are easy to understand by the entire family. 

The best to give back to these homeowners who have lost a great deal is by giving them something they desire — a home that is very efficient in the case of fire incidents. And making it the way they want it.

The BIG Picture

GNK believes that a relationship with the client is one of the easiest ways to get the job done. This way, we can satisfy the needs of the homeowner and create an atmosphere that suits them the most. By making the clients active in the design process bring about the best buildings. Rebuilding and remodeling homes affected by fires also means working with clients who have an exact idea of what they want. 

Regardless of the scale of the project, GNK wants to make sure that it’s giving its very best to ensure that the affected communities are served with the quality homes of their dreams. We recognize that it’s not going to be an easy task to accomplish. However, by committing to high-quality projects, we think we can genuinely touch lives and give value to the community around us.

What makes the project ongoing in the affected areas is our passion for giving our services to the community. We want our impact to be felt. 

Our attitude towards the projects at hand isn’t just because of our empathy towards the fire victims. But that is how GNK construction wants to run rain or sunshine — giving maximum attention to the needs of its clients.

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