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Loving the Skin That You’re In

A few months ago, I had the honor of meeting and becoming friends with my fellow NFL Cheerleader Alumnae Sister, NBA dance team choreographer, lifelong dancer, entrepreneur, a proud member of the Los Angeles Lakers Buss Family, and all-around AMAZING woman, Christy C. Buss.  Through our virtual conversations over the last few months, it is apparent that Christy is a unique and multi-dimensional woman.  Not only is Christy an ageless beauty on the outside, but she is also just as beautiful and brilliant on the inside!   

Hedo Consciousness

When I asked Christy what Hedo meant to her and the inspiration behind her new skincare brand, she immediately described Hedo as the embodiment of enjoyment, pleasure, self-care, and self-love. “The Hedo skincare line is derived from the word He•don•ism, which is the ethical theory that pleasure is the proper aim of human life. We are meant to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.  I created Hedo to aid in your everyday routine for success!”

Quality Over Quantity

From the first moment I opened my Hedo skincare packaging, I loved the luxurious look and feel of the products.  I immediately felt transported into a space of indulgence, as if I were taking time just for myself. Although I love all of the products that I tried, my absolute FAVORITE product is definitely the Purifying Gel Cleanser.  As someone with naturally oily skin that is rapidly changing in my mid-40’s, I loved how the Hedo cleanser is gentle, yet has the ability to deep clean and exfoliate my skin without drying it out.  This has been something very difficult for me to find in one product until I tried Hedo.  The other products are phenomenal as well.  Everything from the serums, moisturizers, peel pads and even sunscreen made my sensitive skin feel nourished and healthy.  Fine lines were minimized, and my skin had a beautiful glow from the very first use.  I also love that Hedo products are powerful, and it doesn’t take a large amount or 50 items to see results! 

Here are some highlights of these amazing products!  Click here to purchase Hedo and experience the beautiful product line:!

• Anti-aging products for all skin types, specializing in bio-active ingredients and delivery systems. Unisex products.

• Advanced pharmaceutical-grade formulas that are clinically proven and made under FDA labs.

• Contain no parabens or other harmful toxins.

• Completely free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, and synthetic chemical preservatives, and are cruelty-free!

Click here to purchase Hedo and experience the beautiful product line:!

The Best Is Yet to Come 

Certain people have such a bright and radiant light that they truly give others permission to shine.  Christy is one of those rare gems who makes people feel special, simply by being herself. There is no doubt in my mind that any companies or projects that she partners with will be successful.  As long as we all follow Christy’s example to love the skin that we’re in, life will be magical!

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Christy grew up dancing at her mother’s dance studio. Then, she got her big break when she won the ABC Television Special, “All American Girl” in 1979 and moved to Los Angeles, California.  Shortly thereafter, she auditioned and won a spot as a Los Angeles Rams cheerleader. Because of her extreme talent and ability to lead others, she soon became the dance captain and traveled the world with her fellow team members. When she returned to Los Angeles, she won numerous parts in commercials and film roles. In fact, her acting jobs on various soap operas lead her to choreograph shows like, “Passion,” “Days of Our Lives,” and more.  Christy also choreographed for the LA Sparks and the LA Clippers and became a proud member of the Los Angeles Lakers’ family. In order to share her love of dance with others, she opened The Studio Art of Dance in 1993 in El Segundo, California where she has taught thousands of small children to senior citizens ballet, gymnastics, jazz, tap, and more over the years.  She continues teaching today while being a celebrity host on various reality television and talk shows. Plus, she works with numerous charities on various special events. Christy shares her insights on Hollywood, beauty, wellness, and more and interviews celebrity guests via the Christy Curtis Buss YouTube Channel and her new “Ageless Ambitions” talk show!  Christy lives in the Los Angeles area and has three special men in her life, two of which are her beautiful fur babies (Max and Lil’ D).

Photo Credit: Photo provided by Christy C. Buss

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