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Award-winning and Canadian-born singer, songwriter, releases stunning single ‘EMPTY”


Award-winning and Canadian-born singer, songwriter, rapper, and professional dancer, Latoya Rodney is best known by her stage name, Latoya Jane. Though born in the rugged neighborhood of Jane & Finch, Latoya has steadily resisted the urge to give in to the demands of the street. More so, music has been her solace and hideaway from the expectations of her rough neighborhood within the Toronto region.

As a young child of 4 years, it wasn’t difficult for others to tell that Latoya will one day become a star. Her poise, charisma, talents, and more were some of the assets that gave her away so easily. 

As a multi-talented youngster, Latoya had a challenge deciding which of her talents she wanted to pursue; amidst everything, she found that she excelled as a music artist; and that set her on course for life.

However, down the line, Latoya’s environment caught up with her again as she progressed in her musical career, so much that as she fought for her identity as a music artist, she simultaneously battled her status as a delinquent.

Although it’s Not one of her proudest moments, Latoya had to be incarcerated for 18 months in a woman’s facility in Toronto, following her inability to resist the negativity she was constantly encompassed by.

While some may have seen their stay in the penitentiary, as the end of their career, she found a renewed sense of purpose and direction that has birthed the Latoya that we see in recent times. 

That experience changed her in a most remarkable way, and by the time she was released, everybody around her had something positive to say about her natural flair and aptitude. 

More importantly, Latoya had found what she wanted to spend the rest of her life doing; there were no second guesses on it. It was Music or nothing!

After all she has been through with the gang life, Latoya figured out that it’s time to share most, if not all, of her experiences with young people so that they’ll never have to be influenced by the wrong environment. Her commitment and courage have led her to inspire, motivate and educate the minds of young people, and the results are undeniable.

Her voice resonates with several at-risk youths, who have contacted her through her stellar performances at high schools, clubhouses, Dundas Square, shelters, and banquet halls.

Latoya’s songs will continue to maintain relevance, as she has carved a niche for herself that addresses people who desperately need a constant voice of reassurance and encouragement.

She’s philanthropic at heart, and telling her story through music, like in her latest classic, ‘Empty,’ will continue to stand as a beacon of hope to individuals, especially youths who have found themselves in rough neighborhoods like the type Latoya grew up in.

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