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In the growing world of Esports, evolution and change are inevitable

In the growing world of Esports, evolution and change are inevitable. As of 2021 the global esports market was valued just over 1.08 billion dollars, a near 50 percent increase from 2020. Due to such rapid growth, organizations and players working in this upcoming environment must be willing to adapt and transform with the ever changing demands and dynamics of the industry. Despite the constant evolution in the space, in competitive esports possessing the skill of high level aim and precision is a standard that will always be necessary to succeed. A standard which is upheld in its own niche in the community by a company called Yuki Aim.

Before becoming a company Yuki Aim ( ) was still leading the gaming community in the standard of aim and precision with a small collection of players, that set the bar for thousands gamers to meet if they had any hope of making it in competitive gaming. With such notoriety in the community it became players personal goal to become a part of the exclusive group. One of the players who aimed for this goal, is now owner Josh (Senzeeh) Djotaroeno. After some time of just being an aim member, Senzeeh could not help but to become passionate about wanting more for the small but exclusive aim group, thus taking on a more active role by managing Yuki Aim’s twitter account and connecting the group to  personal contacts so that Yuki Aim could further expand its impact on the community. Senzeehs passion and drive for Yuki Aim led him to becoming an owner but his goals and visions for Yuki Aim did not stop there.

As of 2021 Yuki Aim has now amassed over 40,000 followers on Twitter.

While the number alone is impressive for a company whose prime focus is curating and supporting the best aimers within esports, a closer look reveals the impact that Yuki Aim has globally in locations such as Europe and Asia. Such impact is something no other aim group or company of the same category can come close to rivaling.

With such a genuine interest in globally expanding their rigorous standard that inspires players to further develop their aiming skills, it comes to no surprise that Yuki Aim garners such passion and support from its dedicated follower base.

And while Yuki Aim has expanded its impact on the gaming community, the group has managed to not lose it’s essence of exclusivity. Due to this they are always able to peak their audiences passion and interest in who will become the next member.

As stated before though Senzeeh has bigger dreams for the once small aim group. Over time Yuki Aim has been able to develop relationships and partnerships with well noted companies within the gaming community. The rate at which Yuki Aim is growing has attracted companies to seek them out due to Yuki Aim being viewed as a leader in community when it comes to meeting the necessary high level aim that it takes to be a competitive player in esports.

As stated in the beginning of this article the world of esports is ever changing and while Yuki Aim will always keep its roots from where it started as an exclusive group with its focus on high level aim, the company has no plans to stay stagnant in such a rapidly evolving environment. Yuki aim will continue its recognition for aiming talents within the space, however, they plan to not only support members with dreams of becoming professional players but to also support members with dreams in becoming a coach, content creator, product developer and much more. Owner Senzeeh is very passionate about continuing to increase community, reach and appreciation for aimers in the coming developments for the company. With the evolution of Yuki Aim as a company, one thing is for certain, anyone aiming to be a part of Yuki Aim is aiming for success.

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