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Bobak Moazami: Undergraduate Degree in International Business

From an early age, Bobak had his sight on cross-national businesses. He, therefore, aligned his study interest to include a degree that on the issues that deeply mattered to him. One key insight we learn is that the business of the future has transcended traditional borders and the businesses have to earn to work across multiple cultures. A degree in international business prepares a person for the next career phase of business.

Bobak Moazami is a resourceful person who has earned an undergrad in international business. The degree is more than just job training, but a life training for all the society and the business world has to offer. In particular, an internal business degree recognizes that companies’ decisions in the international arena are influenced by complex factors that need a keen study for informed decision-making.  While heuristics can be great in decision making, the degree obtained by Bobak Moazami is proof that the topic was truly studied in depth. 

Bobak Moazami used qualitative and inductive approaches in tracking the progress of heuristic decision-making in his undergraduate research. The study was based on companies that are making the first move at internationalization and examining context-specific experience on the development. Through his study, he gained insight that most managers do not possess at the beginning of their interaction in internationalization. However, as the context-specific experience increases to a certain extent, an expected event causes the transformation of the heuristic approach into a great tool.

The extent of the influence of the underground degree on Mr. Moazami’s work cannot be understated. A degree can increase access to job opportunities. Studies show that college graduates have 57 percent more opportunities than non-graduates. A degree helps you to qualify for opportunities and gives more flexibility in jobs you can apply. The degree is often used as a baseline for job opportunities, and those without a degree are often left out.

As the world changes, there is a need for more specialized jobs. A degree can help one to specialize in specific and emerging fields. Some degrees may not offer a direct route to a job; they still offer a career path to specific well-paying jobs. The degree in international business, obtain by Mr. Bobak has both specific career specifications and non-specific depending on the ambitions of individuals.

There is rising demand for undergraduate degrees. The international business degree from the California State University of Long Beach was able to catapult Bobak Moazami to success. The degree involves practical as well as traditional classroom education. The emphasis on going beyond the course work ensured that Mr. Moazami knew the dynamic international business environment. There are internships with multinational companies and other business groups.

You can gauge from the in-depth nature of his study and his passion that an undergrad degree can play a crucial role in actualizing dreams. Mr. Moazami’s career is a testament to what dedication can do.

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