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Leadership Feature: Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell, otherwise know as “The Mind Whisperer”, is an international natural healer, best selling author, and professional speaker, from Bigfork, Montana. For the past 11 years she has brought her passion to life by empowering, inspiring, and improving heart centered people to create prosperous life of happiness and love.

Dawna grew up near the poverty line in Silicon Valley and found a passion for helping people get ahead in life financially and have opportunities that I didn’t have, thus became a financial advisor.  A few years into her career, she became a Managing Principal, being responsible for $500 Million Dollars of other people’s money. With an immense amount of stress and responsibility her mental health slowly began to deteriorate. 

She then spent over 2 years in the medical community, sought out natural healing, and discovered that she couldn’t digest food properly. As she was becoming healthier, she then learned that in Oriental Medicine the stomach was digesting life (nutrition for the body to live), and that something was misaligned in her life. She discovered that misalignment was the infidelity and the anger from her previous marriage that she had been blind to, but absorbing. 

This newly found epiphany lead to several drastic changes in her life. One being moving to an ashram (spiritual living community) to embody meditation as a lifestyle after learning a walking meditation from a zen buddhist monk. She left only after 1 short year and was brought to the realization of no longer being considered employable in the financial services industry, due to a global recession, and being a single parent of two young children. In addition, the relationship she was in turned domestically violent, but she powerfully choose to not just be a victim. Instead she made a promise to the spirit and the universe (god, creator) that she would do whatever possible to be a healer and help others.Every day she continues to fulfill that promise and live out her passion of helping people create opportunities, that being one of her greatest accomplishments. 

She first healed herself by growing into the embodiment of a true leader. She transformed herself in 3 steps. The first being to come from a place of empowerment and/or a place of internal power. Second, she embodied that empowerment and become it. Lastly, she allowed herself to be a demonstration and inspiration by living her truth (authentic self) in alignment every day. 

She created pathways for others in those 3 steps and mastered how to align the mind and heart to have coherence. During the course of her career, being a natural healer, she has assisted others in finding where the misalignment in their heart and mind occurs. She realigns that energy to the conscious thought so that a life of happiness, prosperity, and love is attainable, thus making her “The Mind Whisperer”.  Just like there are dog whisperers and horse whisperers who work with the animals to get the desired results, she does the same, except with people’s minds, realigning that space with the heart.  

Although, she has big dreams to travel places such as, Africa as a traveling healer, bringing her truths and healing to areas that may not have the resources available. She continues on the legacy of some of her favorite scientist, philosophers, and metaphysicians, such as Albert Einstein, Nikola Telsa, Isaak Newton. She understands just as they do both physical law and spiritual law are needed to create change, which is why some of her greatest advice is to “live a life you love and love the life you live and follow your heart”. She believes the answers are already inside of us and even created a personal mantra:

Trust and you will see 

Believe and you will know 

Have faith, all is well

Follow your heart, and spirit will lead you 

as a reminder during the difficult times we all face. 

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