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Manifest Your Goals By Writing!

The brain’s frontal lobe does a pretty good job of reminding us about the things we need or want to do. Every day we do our daily tasks and reach the goals that subconsciously occur to us. If our frontal lobe was damaged, we would cease to have those cognitive functions. Over time, we have evolved and understand just a bit more about how our brains work.  When our brain tells us to do something, we usually do it or maybe put it off for a while. This is where manifestation comes in handy. Imagine, if we think about something enough times, eventually we will physically do it…

This is exactly how big goals work as well!

I like to manifest not only by thinking about how I can achieve my goals but also by writing them down. When I write them down and make up my mind that they will get done, I manifest my ideas. Although the idea of manifestation has often been pushed away as a cliche, it is actually the opposite. Everyone manifests EVERY DAY! It’s the reason you get things done, achieve goals, and work hard. As I mentioned earlier, I believe that manifesting by writing your dreams, goals, etc., is the most important task you can do in your daily life and here’s why:

  • A Physical Connection:
    • Of course you can think about something and do it, that’s what our frontal lobe is for, but what if you forget? There are lots of things going on in our daily lives and I certainly don’t always remember everything. Well, that’s exactly why you should write your manifestations down on paper. If you can physically see it, instead of it just being a thought, it will feel 100x more realistic to achieve. Who knows how many thoughts you have a day? Write the important ones down!
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  • Exploration of Ideas:
    • Now that you have written down your thoughts, explore them. I like to write down the one idea that has been in my mind all week and really dissect it. It doesn’t have to be intricate, but this can certainly lead you down a path of newer or better ideas. You can precisely MANIFEST your ideas into bigger ones. It can also give you a sense of clarity. 
  • Visualize YOUR SUCCESS!
    • Whether through words of affirmations or imagining getting your first big break, manifestation through writing allows you to visualize and feel your success. There have been countless times where I would tell myself I’d be the best at a certain task or where I’d imagine successfully speaking to a crowd and it gave me the fuel to make it happen! It can definitely give you a boost of morale that you might need in your daily life. It all has the possibility to come to life!

Ultimately, it is important to remember that everyone is different and manifestation through writing may work in a variety of ways for each individual. I’m a person that likes to physically write out my ideas before going for them and it gives me a sense of clarity. You can write on your notes app, in a journal, on a napkin, ANYWHERE! If you’d like to learn about additional mindset resources that can help with manifestation visit

Manifest and bring your ideas to fruition.

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