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Bed Cat by electronic rock duo SUNQ belongs on your Post Plague Playlist.

Bed Cat – SUNQ


San Francisco’s strange stillness during lockdown allowed the sounds of birds to re-emerge in the absence of traffic. SUNQ weaves these eerie vibrations with live bass, drums, keys, guitar, synth, and electronic textures to create a 10 track, instrumental album inspired by the music of Squarepusher, Bonobo, MonoNeon, Boards of Canada, and Thelonious Monk.

San Francisco, CA — A Hooded Warbler echoes through the empty streets. A ball bearing spins on a wooden table. A cat purrs on the bed. Bed Cat blends original field recordings with live instruments and grainy layers of microsounds into luscious loops and spellbinding beats.

“There was this softness blanketing the city during the onset of the pandemic” says Guinevere Q. “I’ve never heard anything like it before. It sounded almost post-apocalyptic. I had to capture it – each moment felt frozen, as if the air itself had crystallized into this sort of numbness.”

The psychedelic, other-worldly album artwork for SUNQ’s Bed Cat features Guinevere Q and Jason Young Sun sleeping on their cat’s back. Fitzy flies in space amongst other space kitties.

Bed Cat – SUNQ

Bed Cat is an immersive experience into dreamy grooves and hypnotic beats. SUNQ debuts their original editing technique of deleting and layering tiny, surgical incisions into soundwaves. This creative process centers around the idea of subtraction. Cutting out little pieces of a long tone drone reveals intriguing rhythms.

Young Sun describes this musical philosophy. “It’s not what you add, it’s what you take away.”

Guinevere Q and Young Sun composed, performed, recorded, edited, and produced Bed Cat in their San Francisco apartment during Quarantine. Photo Credit : Andy Strong.

Bed Cat is SUNQ’s 4th release. The duo has been recording and performing electronic rock / downtempo since 2017 and has been working with other San Francisco Bay Area musical projects since 2011. They play live instruments along with original beats. The award-winning musicians plan to resume touring again in the near future.


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