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The On-screen Bad-Guy Pavel Kozlov Becomes a Big Law Enforcement Supporter

Every major Hollywood action thriller has a set of ingredients that turn them into perfect movies. There’s the determined hero, the charismatic side characters, the emotional core love interest and of course, the ever present baddies. Thugs and soldiers who work for the worst of the worst crawl out of the woodwork with guns blazing to challenge the hero and, inevitably, get struck down. But those are just actors, doing their part in a movie. In reality, things are different.

Pavel Kozlov is one of these “professional bad guys” who portrays killers and terrorists in TV thrillers and dramas. His Russian origin gives him an edge on the language and accent needed to portray one of the most quintessential bad-guy stereotypes. But off camera he’s a very different guy.

He originally came to America 14 years ago to become a Pro Wrestler. He’d been a fan ever since he was little, ever since he saw the wrestling matches in the ring on TV. Since then he practiced martial arts and trained at the gym every day to become the best version of himself. Then, with no pro wrestling scene in Russia, he moved to America and became known as “Victor Romanoff”.

His training in wrestling translated into a passion for acting as well. It’s not a secret that pro wrestling is all about the story, and how that story is told via athletic moves. He was signed up to the Team 3D Academy where he learned the art of the squared circle and appeared in prestigious events such as WWE Raw.

His talent and showmanship didn’t stop in the ring. He also became a credited actor in a number of shows and has constantly pursued new avenues to capitalize on his natural advantage of being a real Russian actor where real Russian parts are needed, and where a strong armed approach to choreography helps. 

In his free time, Pavel doesn’t just hone his craft over being the best Russian bad-guy on TV. When his spandex is off and his acting is on pause, he’s a well respected citizen who supports the one group his characters would never get along with: Police. 

“I’ve talked with many LAPD officers and have a huge respect to them,” Pavel says. “I live in Los Angeles, I love that city and thankful for all the officers who put their lives on the line to protect it.”

Regardless of the growing distress over police presence in major cities and the rising rate of protests, Pavel Kozlov is outspoken over his support for law enforcement officers. Even though he entered the entertainment world as the “Siberian Fighting Spirit”, his patriotism towards America’s service members stands out. 

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