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Your Mentor’s Mentor: How Access to Information Really is the ‘X’ Factor of Success

The difference between the wealthy and the poor is access to information. Learn how this entrepreneur got access to elite information at a very young age, which ultimately led to his current success, and the success of those around him.

“If we knew better, we would do better. One thing to always remember is people are doing the best they can with the current level of awareness they operate with. The key to going to the next level is learning and applying information of the top 1%.”

Our world is divided based upon the way in which we use and relate to information. The information-rich tend to be of a higher socioeconomic status, are better educated, have better access to technology and are more technologically savvy than the information poor. Accessing Information involves searching for, looking at and acquiring relevant information to develop a comprehensive understanding of material to analyze information and generate a result, idea or recommendation.

In today’s words, associate with wealthy people and learn what they know. If you associate with the top 1% of the population, you will soon find yourself a part of the top 1%. Success does breed success, but the issue is we don’t always have access to the top 1% of the population. Read below on how a then, 19-year-old found himself being mentored by one of today’s greatest minds.

“When I started in entrepreneurship, the person I was working with exposed me to a file that would change my life forever. The link was to an audio series, a training course on how to achieve anything you want in life. This was the foundation for me. Upon learning and applying what was on that CD series, I found myself attracting industry legends like Bob Proctor, who I ended up working with for almost 4 years. Working with Bob Proctor for years exposed me to information way beyond my current radar screen, and expanded my level of awareness immensely,” Matt Grybel stated in a recent zoom interview.

What skills did this transformational relationship teach this young entrepreneur? Read on below to find out.

Succeeding in New Environments

It’s not always easy to adapt to a new environment. Whether it’s a new job, school or city, humans constantly experience change at a rapid place. When it comes to business, the rate at which you acclimate to new surroundings, people and ideas couldn’t be more critical: After all, it’s what determines how quickly and efficiently you’re able to hit the ground running with your entrepreneurial vision.

Fortunately, there’s a way to ensure you complete this essential first step without a hitch.

Having access to exclusive information provided by Bob Proctor has been instrumental in changing the way I approach new environments. Guidance from mentors reveals all the things most people would never notice, including unspoken industry rules, business expectations, networking advice and more. Those in the 1% utilize this knowledge daily to run their businesses and succeed in new environments, whether to make new business connections or acquire exclusive industry information. Of course, the average individual might never come across these skills in their lifetime; one has to actively strive to access this information, most commonly through mentors.

Redefining Goals to Forge A Better Path

Virtually every human being on the planet has goals, many of which you may have heard before: Dreams such as “I want to be rich,” “I want to be successful” or “I want to feel fulfilled.” The problem is that only a very small percentage of the population has access to the information that can make these goals a reality. After all, how can you become rich? This question is so vague, with so many possible responses, that it’s almost not worth answering.

Now, if you were to ask the same thing to someone in the 1%, you could walk away with life-changing knowledge, and a tactical step by step plan of action. See, mentors can do much more than offer occasional advice or opportunities; they’re also an essential resource for mapping out your way to a fulfilling career. This type of exclusive information has proven life-changing in my own journey. Speaking with industry leaders who have an endless supply of business knowledge to pass on reshaped the way I set goals. Because mentors may have once been in the very same position as you are in now, they can help you to redefine your goals in a way that makes them actionable.

Suddenly, those dreams of success turn into viable steps towards seeing your vision come to life.

Information Always Leads to More Information

Finally, I’ve found that surrounding myself with exclusive information has opened the doors to more opportunities and knowledge than ever before.

One of the wonderful things about having a mentor is that, through them, you’ll be exposed to a collection of great minds who share the same values and industry background. Instead of only receiving advice from one expert, you could find yourself being guided by a group of talented leaders. Eventually, they may lead you to other professionals, who will also direct you to others, and so on. It is a revolving cycle of knowledge building.

This pattern is a one-way ticket to finally uncovering the 1%’s valuable knowledge. By simply associating with and learning from a mentor, I — along with hundreds before me — have had the honor of discovering the true “X” factor of success.

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