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Google & Smart City

By Salah M. Alajeel

Google is a multinational company that focuses on internet-related service provision. The company has built companies that have set new standards in different fields of technology.

One of their recent fields of interest is smart cities. They have built systems that continue to set new standards in technology that could be used to build smart cities. Some of these technologies are:

1. IOT Technologies

Google has been developing cutting-edge IoT technologies. For example, the company developed cloud IoT core, a service that allows secure connection of devices over the internet. It allows people/devices to connect online, share and manage data. This is one of the technologies that would help make smart cities a success.

IoT would help tremendously in collecting, processing, and sharing data to aid in the decision-making processes. Devices and sensors all around cities would have a constant stream of information to help experts make data-driven decisions.

2. Smart Sensors

Google has been working on embedded systems. These are small parts of a bigger machine that perform specific tasks. In most cases, sensors are created using this technology. They gather information from several sources, send it to a part of the system that will process that data, and share it with people who will need it.

3. Network Systems

Phones that operate on Google’s services are everywhere in the world. The company uses the power of the internet for easy communication with devices all over the world. The ability to communicate efficiently is invaluable in the creation of smart cities.

4. Data Security & Storage

The company owns one of the most efficient cloud data storage systems. This would help tremendously in securely storing all the collected data in a safe place.

They have developed state-of-the-art encryption technologies that would make data almost impossible to access without permission on data security.

Can Google Build A Smart City?

With all this technology, Google can build a smart city. In 2015, google started a company called Sidewalk Labs to help create sustainable smart cities. This company has focused its efforts on creating technologies that help make a city smarter.

The technologies they have developed are:

1. Delve 

This is a tool that urban designers can use to design entire neighborhoods. It makes the process easier by generating iterative designs depending on previously set conditions.

2. Mesa

This technology helps commercial buildings cut energy costs and reduce emissions. It uses real-time data to optimize energy usage. It does this by regulating heating and cooling in a building.

3. Pebble

Pebble is a smart parking technology designed to help parking operators effectively manage parking spaces. In so doing, it helps effectively decongest streets. This would help improve the efficiency of a smart city’s smart transport infrastructure.

4. Mass Timber

Sidewalk Labs has developed a technology that allows smart cities to build buildings off-site and deliver finished buildings to the cities. This reduces the effects of building on the environment. 

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