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Have You Heard About Confidence Tones?

Our brains react to any stimulation that we are around. Whether it is sound, touch, sight, smell, and taste, they each help us react to our environment. These senses can also be the reason that we are able to relax or even gain energy. Recently, the breakthrough of audible affirmations and binaural tones have had quite an effect on many people, including myself. Along with a group of doctors, scientists, and top sound engineers, I developed Confidence Tones™, which is a company that produces audio through a process called Audiomersion™. Confidence Tones is a platform that provides different audios that use the Audiomersion™ experience to enhance stimulation, brainwave inflection, (positive) emotions, and developmental suggestion. Since I’ve been using Confidence Tones™, I have seen a change in how I relieve my struggle to fall asleep and even boost my mood before I get my day going.

At Confidence Tones, we are committed to helping people around the world get more joy out of life by using the power of sound.

The way I’ve used these tones is by putting them on whenever I’m about to go to sleep or when I just need ambient music. It is as easy as popping in an airpod and pressing play. Our daily lives can be filled with just listening to music on the radio or from our playlist, but sometimes that audio can be filled with negative connotations in the lyrics or even in the frequencies. Many people don’t understand how powerful our brains can be when it comes to absorbing that energy. Just like the audio frequencies, our brains have similar frequencies called brain waves. These brain waves can have a significant change based on our mental state, just look at studies done with electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings for depression and anxiety. The undeniable truth is that we subconsciously absorb a lot of energy, negative and positive, and we need to find more of a balance. Over time, I have found balance in using the tones because they give me a neutral feel. They don’t overwhelm me, nor do they bore me. They give me just the right amount of relaxation or boost to feel tranquility within my daily life. 

Confidence Tones™ can reprogram how you might react to outside stimulation and evoke more positive emotions. As mentioned above, it does this by simply altering frequencies measured by Hertz (Hz), that your brain will find soothing. I have continued to use these and found a significant change in my everyday mood, not to mention that we’ve heard similar feedback from those that have been using the tones. It is so easy to find anything on the internet that can promote better living, but some of the options seem very unrealistic. Listening to audio that can relax you is a very common thing though. The choice is left to the listener to see if they will choose an audio that will stimulate their brain and not just bring in negative vibes. I’ve recommended this to close family and friends around me and will continue to do so. 

So, would you give it a try? Turn on a speaker when you need some ambient noise while reading or working. Try it during a session of yoga. Play it if you have trouble falling asleep. I can only bet that you will feel a change too.  Visit to find out more!

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