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Meet Nubia Suarez: The Expert Stylist Behind the Award-Winning Rëzocut

Hair can portray an essential aspect of your personality and identity. That’s why, to put your best self forward, it should be well-maintained. Over the years, the hair and beauty industry has experienced numerous cut and styling trends, many of which weren’t ideal for those with naturally curly hair. These days, many people are opting to embrace their natural hair instead of straightening it. That’s where Rëzocut comes in! This unique style is redefining how women cut their curly hair.

Nubia Suarez is a top-notch educator and celebrated curl expert who is empowering women through her work. She is the CEO and founder of Rezo Haircare, Rezo Academy, and the creator of the famous award-winning Rëzocut.

Nubia has always been passionate about hair and beauty. According to Nubia, for so long, women have been ashamed of their unique hair textures and types. She says this is mainly because of a lack of representation in some hair types. That’s what motivated her to create Rëzocut, a type of haircut that is comfortable, classy, and sassy for all hair types.

Rëzocut is a unique curly hair cutting technique that optimizes the volume and texture of curly hair by maintaining an even length all around your head. There are plenty of stylists out there that don’t truly understand the unique challenges of cutting curly hair, so they opt to cut it the same way as they would straight hair. This isn’t ideal for those with naturally curly hair.

Having been in the industry for some time, Nubia is incredibly knowledgeable about different hair types. She notes one of the areas in which many hairstylists mess up is styling hair with no knowledge of the hair type. Different hair types have different textures, therefore requiring an extra level of care during treatment and styling.

In addition, Nubia notes that hair texture varies based on numerous factors. One factor that needs to be considered is hair porosity. She says that your tightest textures are usually at the top, while the looser textures are at the bottom. Together with her team, Nubia works towards optimizing the top and bottom to create a perfect mix. In her words, they ensure the outside of the “rose” balances with the inside. This is so that they achieve entirely consistent results when it’s time to blossom.

Even as the hair and beauty industry continues to grow and thrive, the field is a bit lacking in terms of professional stylists that understand curly hair. Through her academy, Nubia trains and empowers people to cut, color, nourish, and style hair the Rezo way.

According to Nubia, the best thing you can do for yourself is create a unique vision and align it with your purpose. As she continues to transform the hairstyling industry, Nubia strives to create an environment where people will achieve complete freedom with their hair. With more and more people embracing their natural curls, you may be ready to do the same. She believes no one should be ashamed of their hair texture or type.

Different hairstyles can completely transform your appearance, especially considering all the different face shapes in the world. Nubia stresses the importance of choosing a qualified hairstylist, who understands and respects your vision and is up to date with the trends in the hair and beauty industry. Nubia Suarez is changing how people perceive natural beauty with the Rezocut, one curl at a time.

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