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We all know it’s difficult to love music in a different language than your mother tongue. And to a certain extent, it’s natural to prefer music that you can understand (at least, in part). And yet, the opposite seems to be true with Misha Kovar’s latest stellar release, “Die Konigin der Nacht”.

The title, which translates to “The Queen of the Night”, rapidly won over the charts in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and other Germanic countries. And yet, that’s not the only type of audience currently in awe of Kovar’s talent.

In fact, “Die Konigin der Nacht” has managed to seduce non-German speakers, and natives alike. Indeed, the song has been an instant hit with people who barely spoke the language.

There’s just something about the rhythm of the song that gets into your bloodstream, and makes you want to dance. It’s an extremely moving performance with a powerful beat that charms the listener from the very first time you hear it.

The Austrian-born singer and songwriter once again demonstrates her inane skill and talent. Her voice comes across as rich and melodious, traveling across an impressively varied range, and managing to convey a wide range of emotions. It’s through this impressive versatility that Misha Kovar manages to charm her international audience and cement her place as one of the most exciting stars of the 21st century.

With a style that combines several genres, from the musical, classic style that characterized Kovar’s education at the Vienna Conservatory, to modern rhythms of pop, “Die Konigin der Nacht” has a little something for everybody. That’s why we think this is the song to be listening to this season. And indeed, why we think you need to keep an eye on this young, impressive artist, as she’s set to go far with her musical career. That much is obvious from “The Queen of the Night”, which we encourage you to listen to now!

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