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Values that bind, Uncovering the Story of India International Insurance

Life is a journey filled with unexpected events. It is human nature to take steps to save oneself from uncertain situations. In today’s world, where everything is changing rapidly, people are bound to prioritize their safety and security, not just physical but also financial. Individuals, who are now accustomed to luxury today, find it hard to manage their finances. It is not wrong to state that when a person earns a living, they tend to save a portion of it for future emergencies. Everyone wants to keep their finances manageable, simultaneously ensuring a safe future. Unfortunately, due to the increased expenses, not many people are able to save for a stable future for themselves and their loved ones.

To manage the funds appropriately, the best way is to ensure the assets against the perils so that the funds could be invested properly and not kept idle to cover for any unforeseen circumstances. Insurance services are provided to transfer the risk from a common man to insurance companies by charging a small premium. This premium is collected from a group of people, builds up a corpus for paying claims in case of any unforeseen event. Insurance policies are the best safeguard to protect the hard-earned accumulated assets of individuals. 

Establishing Valuable Association with Its Customers

People tend to bind as customers with companies that value customer’s preferences. This builds an emotional relationship between both parties. India International Insurance Singapore Pte Limited (III) establishes the relevant association with people and supports its customers in their time of need. III was formed in 1987 after merging stakes of a five-state-owned Indian Insurance organization, namely the General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC Re), The New India Assurance Co. Ltd, The Oriental Insurance Organization Ltd, National Insurance Co. Ltd., and United India Insurance Co, who were operating in Singapore as separate entities for over 70 years in the region providing quality services to its customers. Today, III, as a merged entity, has acquired a spot as one of Singapore’s trusted insurance companies due to its rich heritage and long-standing association with its customers.

Last year, the unprecedented spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) forced a major reevaluation of people’s lifestyles and economic activities. It is because of this uncertainty and the many challenges faced by people that III provides affordable insurance products. Their policies aim to aid the foundation of people’s lives and support them with security. III being a progressive organization, provides quality insurance services by considering customer preferences and necessities. It continues to revisit and revamp its strategies and processes to provide improved and technologically prudent insurance solutions for its customers. With more than 100 experienced employees working in the organization and with robust financial flexibility, India International Insurance is here to stay as one of their customer’s most favored insurers.

Delivering Preeminent Customer Experience 

People appreciate a stable way of living and want to shield their life, health, and assets from any undesirable events. It then becomes critical to ensure ways that help make one’s life better. For a few, their house is the most valuable asset, bringing them harmony and solace. In simple words, whatever exists and has a value attached to it is insurable. Considering an individual, his life, income, house, car, business, profits, health, or liability to a third party is all insurable. If we think of a Company, the assets owned like office premises, factory, machines, liability to workers, the health of employees, liability towards customer and stakeholders are all insurable.  

III Singapore Pte Limited provides a solution for all non-life Insurance needs of individuals and corporates.  Insurance products range from Motor, home, travel, workmen injury, maid bond, property, liability, engineering, marine (hull and cargo), energy, aviation, and other corporate insurance policies. Being an established general or non-life insurance company in Singapore, it has the strong support of its dedicated workforce along with a solid partnership of financial advisers and intermediaries to tailor the services according to the customer’s needs. In addition to offering protection, the organization gives a secure and simple channel to document claims without the fear of unauthorized access.

Not only does III value a customer’s security, but it also encourages employees to adopt eco-friendly operational procedures. The organization is investing in the most recent advancements, which help streamline operations and improve productivity. India International Insurance (III) comprehends its duty towards individuals and the planet, values business ethics and professional standards for its growth. 

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