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The Only Picasso of Its Kind

The Burned Picasso is a project curating an NFT unlike anything seen by the art world. The authentic work by Pablo Picasso will be displayed in a gallery in Denver. At the end of its viewing in the gallery, the piece will be burned and auctioned off as an NFT on the Unique.One Art Marketplace.

Pushing NFT Boundaries

During the last 18 months across the globe, the way humans work, socialize, do business, and seek entertainment took a hyper-push into the digital world. The Unique.One Community was born in the depths of the pandemic as digital solutions for affected art communities accelerated. 

As a result, a new age of art has blossomed, forcing a digitally influenced deconstruction of classic aesthetical views regarding properties such as provenance, value, authenticity, and legacy. 

A current collaboration between an anonymous artist collective and the Unique.One Community is launching “The Burned Picasso” to pitch legacy forward into the new age of art. 

The Burned Picasso

Everyone is trying to draw analogies from the art world of the past to the world we’re now entering. The Burned Picasso project illustrates this transition perfectly. 

A work by the renowned master, Picasso, will be viewed one last time before transitioning to an NFT so it can live forever. The physical piece will no longer exist after the burning and the NFT will be what carries its legacy for eternity. 

Picasso’s extensive works were beyond influential. The Burned Picasso is preserving a single piece by making it immutable on the blockchain forever. 

While this project is one version of preservation for this piece, the project’s facilitators are not necessarily endorsing more major works being burned and taken from the public. Rather, this project is an experimental NFT to bring a work from the one of most influential artists of all time into the new age of art.

Follow The Burned Picasso

The Burned Picasso auction on the Unique.One Art Marketplace will be live from June 25th — July 15th. The Picasso will be physically burned and live-streamed on or around June 30th. Follow @burnedpicasso on Twitter for updates.

A Decentralised Community of Artists

Unique.One — a next-generation, purely decentralized, non-profit NFT art marketplace — serves to support artists with NFT options for innovative digital expansion of physical art, such as tokenizing the Black Love Mural Festival

Unique.One’s umbrella platform, UniqueOne.Network — a Substrate-based hub to connect its various marketplaces and facilitate cross-chain transfers — is pushing the evolution of NFTs with additional platforms for photographers, NSFW artists, gaming, DeFi, philanthropy, and beyond.  

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