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Rising Hip-Hop Singer Prince Shizzy Releases New Song-Down Low

Jegede Adeshina Oluwasegun, known professionally as Prince Shizzy, is a Nigerian musical artist and songwriter. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria, on the 9 of November 1994.

Having been through a lot in life, Prince Shizzy turned things around for himself by working really hard and releasing his song in a new EP, Love And Light.

NEWSDESK (June 22, 2021) – Rising Hip Hop singer Prince Shizzy has released his exciting new number Down Low for his fans and music lovers worldwide. He presents this delightful official dance visualizer that is so eye-pleasing that it has already started to garner rave reviews across the hip hop world. The video also features choreographer and dancer Perfectdancers’ and it has been directed in Soof Light. The song is available on various music platforms like YouTube and others. The fluidity of the song is so mesmerizing that people automatically start to tap their feet to it and don’t seem to stop.

Epitomising praise and romance, Prince Shizzy has the song laid out in a very neat fashion. His numbers are spotted frequently as the occasional party tracks and club bangers. But if you would look carefully at his lyrical style, you would find a type of creativity that is mostly missing from modern Hip-Hop. A quick glimpse at the video shows the smoothness with which the dancing group carried out their moves in tandem and perfect sync with the lyrics of the song. Prince Shizzy also shows he cares immensely for the safety of everyone involved in the production of the song that even the performers Perfectdancers were wearing masks throughout the video.

“The past few years have been quite a ride for Prince Shizzy. Amassing a decent fan following in America, he is now aiming a global following. He has built up a loyal base for his impactful Hip-Hop style, cementing himself as one of the top 10 Hip-Hop stars to look out for in the next decade. The fact that he has launched an EP called Love And Light speaks volumes about his exquisite style and his knowledge of what people want. It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that Prince Shizzy will be known as one of the greatest stars of the twentieth century”, said a spokesperson for Prince Shizzy.

About Prince Shizzy:

Prince Shizzy is an up and coming Hip-Hop star. He has released his new song/video – Down Low featuring Perfectdancers.

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