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Sex Endurance – 7 Proven Ways to Improve!

Many heterosexual women complain that their partners do not last long during intercourse which can ruin the sexual experience. When it comes to the male climax, it is not the most challenging task, and they do not require much stimulation either. It is not that one does not have to put in too much effort but less effort than women. 

Women need longer-lasting foreplay and more stimulation to reach climax, and if their partner is patient enough, the experience can be mind-blowing. 

How Can Men Last Longer In Bed?

There are specific ways men can perform better during intercourse to please their partners better. Some of these ways are;

  1. Exercise 

The best way to last longer in bed is by building stamina. A man with low stamina will not perform well for long because it will not take him long to feel exhausted. Running every other day for a while, going to the gym, or working out at home will help build stamina and lead to better performance during sexual activities.

  1. Communicate With Your Partner

One must have good communication with their partners. Often, couples feel shy or are unable to communicate what they like in bed and what gives them pleasure. Due to this, there is a communication gap as both will be oblivious to their partner’s likes, making it harder to please each other. Therefore, you must tell your partner about your likes and dislikes and listen to what gives them pleasure. 

  1. Foreplay 

The right amount of foreplay can do wonders for one’s sex life. The human body is created to have a pleasurable sexual experience, and for that, the sexually sensitive parts of the body must be stimulated. There is no time limit to how long sexual intercourse should last, so you must take your time and go slow if that helps you and your partner perform better and please each other well. 

  1. Trying Something New

When in the bedroom with your partner planning to be intimate, do not be afraid to try something new, whether that is a different position or trying something new for foreplay. You have to remember that your time in private is your time to be as experimental as you want if you and your partner feel comfortable. It will also give you an idea regarding what you like and what does nothing to add to your pleasure.

  1. Build Your Self-Esteem 

One of the most important things in making your sex life better is building your self-esteem. If a person has low self-esteem, they will find it extremely hard to feel confident with their partner in the bedroom. It will constantly worry you about how your body looks and your partner finding you ugly, even if that is not the case in reality. 

The best way to build your self-esteem is to love yourself before you love anyone else. Loving yourself includes your body, soul, personality, and everything else about you. Make that self-love so strong no one can make you feel any less than what you believe you are.

 If you build your self-esteem, it will automatically bring a positive and noticeable change in your sex life as you no longer want to rush sex and get it over with but enjoy every moment. 

  1. Change Your Environment 

Changes in the environment can leave a significant impact on one’s sexual desires and activities. If you usually engage in sexual intercourse in your bedroom, you should try moving it to the living room or another bedroom in your house. Often, monotony can cause a decline in one’s desire to engage in sexual activities or make it difficult to last long. 

  1. Taking Menhance Supplement

Menhance is a supplement that helps one perform better in bed, increase sex drive, enlarge one’s penis, and treat erectile dysfunction. It is like the solution to all your sexual problems that you may not have control over, such as not lasting long in bed. 

These supplements will help your bedroom game become much better. Your partner will no longer be dissatisfied with your sexual performance as these supplements benefit the consumer and their partner. This way, you and your partner will have a more pleasurable sex life with mind-blowing climaxes.

What Can Menhance Do?

Menhance has many benefits, and the primary ones include an increased stamina and sex drive. Many men suffer from a lack of sex drive, which affects their sex life and ultimately their relationship with their partners. 

Menhance will help them bring back the urge to engage in sexual activities, leading to better sex life. Many men have tried these supplements and experienced great results too. The supplements have some highly beneficial ingredients that help boost physical energy, increase stamina, and boost testosterone levels. 

Menhance provides the body with natural chemicals needed for better blood flow, increasing stamina, and harder erections. They also improve one’s sex drive as men who take these supplements feel more energetic, and an adrenaline rush that makes them want to have sex and better stamina would ensure that they can last longer and perform better in bed. 

Ingredients In Menhance 

There are some beneficial ingredients in Menhance that can improve a man’s sexual performance and physical health. Some of these ingredients include;

Yohimbine Extract is supposed to block receptors that prevent erection in the body, reducing the risk of erectile dysfunction. However, people with heart, kidney, and liver issues should avoid this ingredient in any supplement.

Cordyceps Powder and Tongkat Ali Extract help with issues related to sex but have been used to treat malaria, male infertility, infections, etcetera and help boost testosterone levels in men, increases energy levels, and helps improve reproductive capabilities. 

Bacopa Monnieri is a popular herb used by men worldwide for a very long time to treat issues related to the penis or sex like erectile dysfunction, low stamina, and early ejaculation. The said ingredient’s presence in the supplements comes with benefits that will shock you if you decide to give the supplement a try.

Kaempferia Parviflora improves sexual performance, increases metabolism, and helps with fat loss. It also helps people suffering from heart diseases maintain a healthy body. L-arginine improves blood circulation and ensures that the right amount of blood reaches the penis for erection regularly.

Zinc, an essential ingredient for the body which the body does not produce but has to be consumed from other sources, helps boost testosterone levels. A study was carried out in which it was found that continuous use of supplements that have Maca, an ingredient found in Menhance, can increase the volume, count, and motility of sperm.

Menhance does not treat any diseases and should only be taken of one’s doctor recommends that it is safe for them to use; otherwise, if a person is negligent or allergic to an ingredient, they do not suggest a doctor before using it can cause issues.


Low sex endurance is a common problem among men of all ages, so there is no shame because one has no control. Instead, your energy should be utilized towards finding a solution, whether taking medications or going for Menhance supplements. 

The great thing about these supplements is that they consist of natural ingredients. The purpose is to make sure that you can solve your sex-related issue without taking any medication. 

Menhance can resolve all your issues related to not performing well in bed as the natural ingredients only have benefits and no side effects, unlike medications prescribed by doctors. 

You can get yours now from their website. It comes tablets in a bottle with 30 capsules and a single pack of 10 capsules that you can buy initially to see its effects on your sex life. If you notice a positive difference, you can order more tablets from their website 

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