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Catching Up With Ariel Levi

Name: Ariel Lavi
Age: 26
Originally from: Israel

1.- What kind of person do you think Ariel Lavi is?

“Ambitious, determined, uncompromising, hard working”

2.- How did you start your career in the film industry?

-“I started screenwriting at the age of 15, and already at a young age I played in the Studio Theater in Haifa ,this theater is considered as a major fringe theater. That’s where my journey in this field began. I participated in plays by Shakespeare and Moliere and American playwrights, so I can say that I have ten years experience in the field. I am a union actor and writer in a few international guilds such as ” The British Actors Guilds- Equity” The Writers Guild of Great Britain” and ” The Dramatist Guild of America Broadway”‘ and in many other guilds. I studied screenwriting at British universities; I studied with a Hollywood acting coach and in The Lee Strasberg Film & Theater Institute. I’m also working on my English demo reel and I’m working on my American accent.”

3.- We know you’re an actor, screenwriter and producer, how have you manage to do all these roles in your career?

“I know how to combine the roles. The vision is to produce write and play in every project but sometimes there are constraints”

4.- You need actors, crew, and equipment to execute the production of a film. How do you manage to bring all of these elements together for your production?

“Producing a project starts with a good idea. You raise or invest money and then everything becomes easier. Finding it is easy but to find the best and it is not simple”

5.- We know you’re one of the founders of Golden Space Entertainment, tell us a little bit about how you created this company and why? And what can we find over at Golden Space Entertainment?

-“I started with a partner named Shahar Gaham – director and video editor, a new production company in Los Angeles called Golden Space Entertainment. We are currently producing two films – one about a robbery, and the other of a client with special needs who wrote a very exciting and interesting script and we expect a well-known actor to join the film. “

6.- You’re promoting the documentary “The Corona Diaries” tell us what inspired you to make the film and how was it to make it in the middle of the pandemic? Was it difficult? To which places has it been screened or premiered?

-“. Everyone documented themselves using private iPhones or with a private video camera because of the constraints. We made the film with no budget at all. We also had a lot of exchanges of participants. We wanted to reach the right participants for this project, and sometimes a participant who started with us, did not fit and I had to tell them that they won’t continue with us anymore and it was not easy. As an actor, being the one who says ‘no’ to the participant, it is not easy at all. When the finalists were selected, there was a fear that they would suddenly disappear. As a student at the University of Haifa, I had to work on the film at the same time, and at the same time conduct strange conversations at night with people from the other end of the world. Sometimes I would only sleep two hours a night and then get up for school.”

7.-What’s your next project or what are you working on?

“Right now there are the two short films, and there are two scripts that are in the process of writing, one of them is very different and revolutionary horror film, and the other one that talks about rape and intercourse with a teenager that is an Instagram anchor by a famous character.I also plan to produce a psychological thriller. Based on a story I had written . There is always something to work on.” So

8.- Hollywood is considered the epicenter of cinema, would you consider you’re conquering


I want to work in Hollywood. Do great things. But it requires hard work””

9.- Is there anything impossible to Ariel Lavi?

“No. But one has to be focused and sacrifice quite a bit in order to make the dream come true”

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