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Black woman owned business with a focus on sexual healing looks to hire contributors

Planet Nooky is now hiring writers as well as peer advocates to support their work to help people heal from trauma and enjoy intimacy

Atlanta, Ga. — June 14, 2021 — Author, blogger, and healer Amercia “Nooky” Morris  wants to help sexual assault survivors find recovery after experiencing trauma.

Morris launched her Black woman owned business “Planet Nooky” to provide trauma support resources and information backed by science to sexual assault survivors. The goal is to help people who suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety due to sexual traumas explore intimacy in safe, fun, and educational ways.

As an author, content creator, and advocate, Morris has built a brand around her detailed research of sexual relationships, romance, and the world of kink.

Now, the Planet Nooky founder and author of the books “Planet Nooky” and “Blooms of Nooky” has her eyes toward building her newest creation to use the power of healthy sex to rebuild confidence and restore self-love in those who have been broken by trauma and abuse.

As part of this work, Morris is putting out a call to writers as well as trained professionals who support victims to help her create sex-positive content for the Planet Nooky website. 

Morris, a level 1 and 2 certified abuse recovery coach (CARC), built her brand on her own personal life experiences and the lack of personalized support within her community.

“Safe and consensual sexual activity is so important in a person’s healing process, especially for those who have experienced sexual abuse and trauma,” Morris said. “With Planet Nooky, we want to create a safe space and a world to heal sexually and holistically. If you have a story to share or you are a talented writer looking to build a body of work around sexual healing, I invite you to join Planet Nooky as a contributor.” 

Writers interested in contributing to Planet Nooky can contact Morris directly at

Planet Nooky is also running a pre-launch giveaway of their “Nooky Treasures” available for purchase soon. These surprise sacs will include handmade holistic and organic personal care products and other surprises with adult sensuality in mind. More information about the giveaway will be shared on Planet Nooky’s Instagram account. 

Learn more about Planet Nooky at Follow Planet Nooky on Instagram at @planet_nooky. 

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