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National Spotlight: Peace Love and Bring a Bat

Peace, Love and Bring a Bat – what? That doesn’t make any sense. I would say it makes the most sense when you take the time to hear the podcast with me Uncle Dave. When I talk about my podcast and the work I do, I bring a bat because I know we are all better when we need to talk about things some funny, some difficult but those things that each of us need speak to find our most authentic selves. When we speak about these things through what I call the “Love Filter” we learn so much and the world shifts in a way that Peace and Love is always possible. Seeing life through the Love Filter allows us to find that balance to allow us to hear each other and learn from our experiences using our resources.

As the Rolling Stones sang “Let me introduce myself” as I am the host of the podcast and I call myself “Uncle Dave”. In creating our safe space where I want everyone to think of myself as that silly Uncle you could go to where you need to talk straight and also feel safe. We all have that one person or place where we can go to – sort of like the old TV show Cheers where everyone knows your name and when you tune in – you automatically feel better.

Our podcast talks about many things which means that there are so many things for almost everyone. It’s a podcast where everyone might not know your name but they care for you just the same. I don’t care how you get here – plane trains or even if you hop on pop but you do need to trust me – Uncle Dave to find the right individuals who will inspire, motivate, help us plant the seeds of knowledge – guide us through the process of CLUBERTY. CLUBERTY is the process which I call that moment in our lives when we begin to think of how we got here in life and find out the unsaid obstacles we have had placed in our way as well as what perspective we have seen. It is the opportunity to see yourself in a different way and become your most authentic self.

How do we get there – well sometimes you need to Bring a Bat and do the tough things for yourself. The Bat is not violent but an opportunity to think about things – what are the things you hold most dear, what boundaries do you need in your life. We will build through a variety of ways opportunities to see, feel, taste, hear or touch our hearts or the hearts of others.

We will have some deliberate chaos at times but it is all geared to bring about a sense of grounding because there is always an “R” found in our heaRts.. It is amusing to me that the words Earth and Heart are the same letters because when we ground ourselves with Mother Earth then we can find the true Peace and Love in our Hearts. While we hear people share their truths in our safe space we will REMEMBER that once we REALIZE our truths they do set us free to be our most authentic selves. As I talk and bring guests that will talk about the Phoenix who RISES and finds ways to RESET and build RESILENCE. When we RECONNECT to our authentic selves the magic garden opens up and we can find the seeds which we need to grow.

Mohammed Ali is quoted as saying “The service we offer to others is the rent we pay for being on Earth.” This podcast is no different because we will talk to various charities since Uncle Dave knows the value of helping others even during the worst of times. He was once by Frank Shankwitz (the man who created Make-A-Wish) that everyone can do something. Knowing this we will gather people who are doing good and let them share their stories. We all know we feel better when we do assist others and that when you offer a giving hand you help two. Its part of his Goons for Goon initiative where when we think of it – We all know a person who either needs assistance or an organization that offers assistance. Wouldn’t it be great to be of service to connect those two or be part of the fundraising opportunities for good people? Uncle Dave lives for charity efforts and not all efforts require financial contributions (those are welcome – money still rules) BUT it could be as simple as collecting cans for people afflicted with cancer (

This podcast reach goes beyond the borders of where we live – he has already interviewed and published episodes from 5 continents currently including amazing stories about survival, educating children in Uganda (the podcast was #4 in its category in Uganda) or just talking to people who can provide the learning and resources that you might know.
Growth is a goal that makes us human and alive. While we live through life we either continue to grow in one way or another or we begin the process of dying. The Yin and the Yang.

Life is full of dualism we must know one to appreciate the other. We understand sorrow because we know what brings us joy and we want more of that. How do we go about getting that in our lives. What if I told you that this duality is actually how life is supposed to work because it causes a flow of energy within our lives. It is all interrelated. We have winter and summer, dark and life, north and south, and in my world I’m the host of a podcast Peace, Love and Bring a Bat that screams duality but is so much more.

We all know what brings us Love which will then bring us Peace but that will not always make us the happiest version of ourselves. Sure I grew up in Brooklyn and know a lot about bringing a bat. We need to hurt those who hurt you. We need to be tough and let no one push us around. While all those might be true that’s not the bat I am talking about when I ask you to bring a bat. For me Bringing a Bat is all about finding within yourself the strength to know what your non-negotiables and what are the things you need to take a stand on. When you want to Bring a Bat I would ask you to focus on Peace and Love because those are the things that will never steer you wrong. This is why I believe that when you come to find Peace Love and Bring a Bat you will learn from me and others that you are not alone in your journey and that we all can find the right resources for ourselves.

In today’s world we must stand and be heard on many levels. If you think about it, all the great leaders who preach peace and love also preached about carrying a bat though they didn’t use the violence image

Even if we think about great leaders and lovers of Peace and Love like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ha talked about standing together as one for the sake of justice and equality everywhere. Protesting peacefully protesting for equal rights. When Dr. King took the chance he stood up for is racial rights he believes that we all deserve. Violence as a way of achieving any goal is both impractical and immoral. He is quoted as saying “I am not unmindful of the fact that violence often brings about momentary results. Nations have frequently won their independence in battle. But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace”. We must all act in Peace and Love.

Mahatma Gandhi is quoted as saying “If my faith burns bright, as I hope it will even if I stand alone, I shall be alive in the grave, and what is more, speaking from it.” Join us at Peace Love and Bring a Bat to speak our truths from the light of Peace and Love and when we do swing that Bat is in only to find the sweet spot of our lives.

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