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Meet The Female Johnny Cash: Country Singer Terah Lynn Is A Combination Of Old School And New

It’s been a while since we’ve heard a good, old-fashioned “coming up” story. 

Until we discovered Terah Lynn.

 Always in black and born deep in the Appalachian Mountains, this country-blues artist didn’t make her way into the music industry in the way you would expect. 

Terah Lynn left her home on the Potomac River in 2012 with nothing but a backpack and a guitar. No stranger to a hard day’s work, she has made her living in the construction and labor industry for years while traveling everywhere from Texas to Tennessee. 

 Sporting a stoic demeanor and standing at a strong six feet tall, she has done everything from digging ditches to hanging drywall. On many of those hot, hard labor days in Houston, she would write songs in her head while working, dreaming of the day she would call music her career. Lynn has always connected with the music of Johnny Cash, saying “Even as a little girl, the torture in his voice made me feel understood in my own.” She would frequently listen to the Man in Black while working in the red dirt of Texas.

 Lynn recently relocated to Nashville and has since been hired as the first female supervisor over Gibson Guitar’s lumber mill. She oversees a seasoned crew of machine and milling operators that build the iconic electric guitars Gibson is known for. She can often be found on the line herself, drilling or working the bandsaw if needed. She says “Well, I won’t ask my guys to do something I’m not willing to do.”

 It is that grit and determination that Lynn brings to her music. With a gravelly voice and lyrical depth, Lynn has released five singles to date produced by Grammy, Dove and Stellar award-winning producer, Billy Dorsey. As a newly independent artist, she has several more in the works this year.

It’s clear that Lynn has only scratched the surface of her melodic storytelling and we expect to hear much more from her in the future. 

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