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Blood, Sweat, and Tears of a Motivated Soldier: How Cyndi Mo is Breaking Barriers

Life by design are words to live by for Cyndi Mo. Cyndi is a dreamer and doer who believes you hold the power to steer the direction of your life, and she has proven this firsthand. We all encounter challenges throughout our lives, but equipped with passion and drive, Cyndi has continued to break through these barriers.

It’s hard to define the dynamic and multi-talented Cyndi Mo. After 22 years of service in the Army, Cyndi decided to pursue a newfound passion and redirect her life path. She relocated to Los Angeles and has flourished ever since. Cyndi is now a content creator, lingerie model, actor, business owner, and MBA graduate. As is demonstrated by her degree, Cyndi is a business-oriented person who understands the value of investing. She has been a real estate investor and landlord for over ten years, and also owns a car rental business and vending machine business.

Those who have worked with her either as a stuntwoman, model, personal trainer, soldier, or anywhere else can attest to her undying passion and energy in getting things done. Balancing her many passions and business endeavors is of course challenging, but entrepreneurship is not an easy path for anyone. That’s where Cyndi’s unwavering hard work comes into play. Where people see challenges, Cyndi sees opportunities. For as long as she can remember, Cyndi says she has never done something she is not passionate about, because her passions drive everything.

Cyndi believes that one of the reasons some people never accomplish their dreams is their negative mindset. By believing in the possibilities, you’re able to take initiative and make impactful decisions. This is the belief that guided Cyndi to realize what she wanted, set clear expectations, and start working towards her dreams. Growth requires a lot of sacrifices, determination, and resilience — something that helped her build a successful career in the Army.

These days, what keeps her moving is her passion for building a powerful legacy for generations to come, including her son, who is an up-and-coming actor in Hollywood. One of her goals in life is to help those who are stuck and struggling to reach their full potential. According to Cyndi, she is more than a coach or motivational speaker: she is a life speaker. She helps people understand that even if they come from nothing, they can still create an incredible life. Her message is an inspiring one: if she did it, so can you!

Even though she has undergone some rough patches to get to where she is, Cyndi has no regrets. Her struggles have molded her to become a wildly successful entrepreneur and earn her a spot in this competitive industry.

With the drive and motivation of a soldier, Cyndi Mo continues to break barriers undeterred. The best thing Cyndi believes you can do for yourself is to create a vision unique to you and be positive in everything you do. Unless you push yourself to do the impossible, you will never learn to rise beyond your limits. Her story is proof that even if your present circumstances are challenging, you can use them as a strong foundation to build a successful and flourishing life.

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