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Hit Skrewface is back with a brand new studio release Pressure (featuring Lil Kappy)

June 2021 – Hit Skrewface is an artist and songwriter who undoubtedly puts a lot of focus and passion in creating the best material possible. His most recent studio release, Pressure, is a good example of the excellence and commitment to quality that listeners have come to expect from the artist’s sound. This track is also outstanding as a collaboration with Lil Kappy, bringing so much depth and variety to the mix due to the chemistry between the artists. In other words, if you like hip-hop, this one’s for you.

Pressure does not disappoint in the least, and in fact, it feels like a major step forward for this artist. As you know, it is not always easy to blend different influences musically under one roof, but this is not a difficult task for Hit Skrewface, who brought the modern scene and some old-school vibes under one roof in a very spontaneous and natural way

What’s special about Pressure is that this track is both energetic and highly melodic, you should definitely feel at home here, and Pressure is a release that comes very highly recommended.

Find out more about Hit Skrewface, and do not miss out on Pressure, which is currently available on the web.

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