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Entrepreneurial Journey of the ‘Iron Chest Master Creator,’ Introducing Ron Williams

Natural vs steroid bodybuilding is one of the most discussed topics in the bodybuilding community. Steroid bodybuilding incorporates the use of Anabolic steroids. These are external supplements that show immediate results but prove harmful in the long-run. On the other hand, bodybuilders following a natural bodybuilding technique rely on natural foods and supplements. The results are slower than steroid bodybuilders, but are healthy and recommended by experts and medical professionals worldwide. 

Many of the bodybuilders today consume steroids, leading to unnatural growth. They choose this path to achieve their goals because they know they are able to build their bodies bigger, faster, and stronger. Steroids allow the body to recover much faster, allowing for the same muscle group to be trained in a shorter period of time. Steroids also cause the muscles to grow at a much more rapid rate than one can possibly achieve naturally, and this is appealing to several demographics; such as bodybuilders who want to be competitive in competing with other steroid users, and the younger crowd that is ill-informed and thinks that it’s the only way to build an impressive physique. But if these demographics looked at the bigger picture they would see that steroid use comes with many health issues and that some even lead to death. One who chose the natural route to compete and develop his physique is Ron Williams, an American natural bodybuilder. 

Ron Williams has been in the bodybuilding industry for more than three decades. He is not only a bodybuilder but also a fitness trainer, life coach, entrepreneur, and business personality. He is a renowned bodybuilder with more than 250 titles, in the Natural Bodybuilding category and is the sole recipient of the Natural Bodybuilder of the Decade Award. Since Williams has built his body naturally, he advocates the idea of natural bodybuilding. Not only does he abstain from any synthetic drugs, but he also encourages others to follow suit. 

Transforming Pain into Success

Difficulties are an inescapable part of life and each person faces their own set of struggles. Ron Williams, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on 02/06/1962, may be one of the most decorated natural bodybuilders in the world, but this is not where he started.  At just three years old he was dropped off at a babysitter’s home and no one ever came back to get him.  He was abandoned and left as a burden on a family of ten that was already doing everything they could to survive. Ron never felt welcome or like he had a home. During his formative years from 3 to 12, he was shuffled from time to time to other homes and other family members where he was physically and sexually abused.  Williams spent his childhood just trying to survive and by the age of thirteen he had such a deep hatred for himself and for humanity that he became suicidal. 

Winning in sports became Ron’s family, it was the only thing he had that was worth living for, and by the time he was 20 years old he had competed in four sports on an international level.   During this time he developed a passion for bodybuilding and winning and his quest was to win the Mr. Natural Universe title.  Ron felt that if he became Mr. Natural Universe the emptiness and pain that he felt inside would finally be filled and he would be happy, but what he learned when he won the first Mr. Natural Universe title was that this would not fill the loneliness, emptiness, or hurts that he suffered throughout his childhood.  

Shorty after his first Mr. Natural Universe win Ron developed a relationship with God and through this relationship the healing had begun from the many hurts that controlled his life.  True forgiveness was the process of letting go and being completely freed from the emptiness and pain inside. 

Ron continued his bodybuilding career, became an expert on the body, earned an honorary degree for his extensive knowledge, and began teaching exercise physiology and nutrition as a professor. Ron has throughout his career followed a clean, healthy, and free-from-steroids diet and at 59 years old he still lives by the same philosophies and principles.

The True Meaning of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is considered one of the trendiest sports. The millennial and Gen-Zers are almost obsessed with it as the number of gyms, competitions, and products increase every day. The craze among them has reached a point where they fail to distinguish between the healthy and unhealthy ways of training. This is where Ron Williams, natural bodybuilding techniques stand out. Building up muscles following a natural method is a little more difficult as compared to other methods and the progress is slower. Nevertheless, Ron Williams stands by doing it the natural way, because it enhances life and longevity. The seven-time Mr Natural Universe says,

The true meaning of bodybuilding for me is to build your body not only to look good, but also to perform at a higher level and to enhance life and longevity.  Anything that causes harm or has the ability to decrease vitality is not a part of my process or program. Why?  Because anything else is not bodybuilding – it is body-harming!’”

Inventing the ‘Iron Chest Master’

Being an experienced bodybuilder, Ron invented the ‘Iron Chest Master.’ This bodybuilding equipment maximizes the development of muscle size and muscle strength and defines and sculpts the upper body. This patented product was first created by Ron to help him stay consistent with his workouts when he traveled. As he shared the product with others he was encouraged to move forward with the patent and manufacturing process.  It has been seven years since Williams’ launched the Iron Chest Master in the US marketplace and since then it has experienced tremendous growth and expanded into many countries worldwide.  

In addition to having a career in the fitness industry, Ron has also stepped into writing. He has published several books as an author, including the award-winning, groundbreaking “Faith & Fat Loss” and he is the developer of the life-transforming “Ultimate Fat Loss System” and “Your Champion Body Program”. Through his books and programs, Ron aims to empower individuals to lead healthy, happy, and whole lives. His services and efforts are recognized by renowned media platforms. He has been interviewed on CBN, TBN, ABC morning programs, FOX, CBS, Campus Crusade for Christ, Salem Broadcasting, USA Radio, Forbes, and many more.

Today, Ron Williams is a successful entrepreneur, pastor, life coach, and author. He currently lives in Salt Lake City with his wife, Tonja. Ron aspires to transform the lives of millions around the world. 

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