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Catching up with Amaan Surani

The internet has experienced many changes in its dynamics over the past several years. To keep up to speed with its motion and make their way to the top of the food chain, one must grasp the ever-elusive changes in the market. Social media is a component of the internet that is not only one of the most complex, but one of the most rewarding. The business could be compared to “survival of the fittest,” where only the strong survive and thrive. With new trends, updates, competition, market shifts, technological changes, it isn’t easy to run a successful business on the internet. But that’s exactly what our story today is about. The 24-year old who has created and dominated the industry…

Amaan Surani, a successful digital strategist, is the founder and chief executive officer of Slay Media LLC. His company has created many brands within it, and worked with companies to expand their reach, and generate outstanding conversions. These companies include Fashion Nova, Calm, Yarn, Hooters, Bud Light, as well as many others. Amaan Surani’s motive in the business is to grant companies the ability to have their brands seen by more people worldwide.

Amaan Surani has always been an internet geek, and was addicted to his phone as a child. Whether it be playing games, browsing the internet, texting friends, updating his social media, Amaan constantly had his eyes glued onto his phone. In high school, Amaan created an eBay store selling vape pens. This was where he first saw the potential in what the internet had to offer. Raking in $500 a day, Amaan focused less on school and more on ideas to generate money.

Amaan Surani has always been a fan of memes and meme pages on social media. Out of boredom in early 2016, Amaan decided to create an Instagram account, now called @ScaryClip, purely for the fun of it. Fast forward to a month later, and Amaan is at his first 100k followers. Amaan had now not only found an opportunity to advertise and make money, he found something enjoyed and was good at. In 2021, Amaan Surani has a total network of ten million followers across his Instagram and Snapchat accounts. However, Amaan still feels he has a lot of work to do to reach his goal.

As opposed to creators who are too occupied with their busy schedules, Amaan loves to engage with his followers. After all, they are the ones who helped Amaan climb the ladder of success at the end of the day. He enjoys answering questions from his followers, thanking them for their support, and even having general conversations with them. To keep up with Amaan Surani’s journey, be sure to follow his personal Instagram @abracadabra and subscribe to his Snapchat @AvalancheAmaan.

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