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The Aspiring Businessman, Hassan Mirza, Extending Business Tie-Ups in the USA

Hassan Mirza is a man of many talents and is a business-minded fellow. He is an Indian businessman and looks forward to expanding his business tie-ups in the USA’s E-Commerce, Hospitality, Investment, and HR industries. He foresees enormous potential in the market after the COVID recession.

Mirza’s skills have affected various industries worldwide. Currently, the company has established its roots in India, China, UAE, Africa, UK, and Bangladesh. Since the company has flourished in all its previous establishments and exceeds the expected goals, it’s now planning a new endeavor in the USA.

The spread of the virus has dramatically affected people’s employment status. Hence the Hassan Mirza Group has planned to step into the recruitment industry. We plan to aid people by developing a job search portal which will be a platform that provides them with multiple opportunities to earn a living.

Due to the severe conditions of COVID, most people cannot leave their homes. Using e-commerce and the latest technologies, we can get goods delivered to their doorstep. They don’t have to risk their lives by coming out and can make a living working remotely. We have an extensive plan ready to be brought into action for the USA establishment.

Following are some of their previous projects that have been aiding people in business around the world. Zep Consultancy is a Recruitment and Manpower company existing in India, UK, and UAE. Tidfore Group is a company worth 15 billion dollars at present. It has its existence in China, India, UAE, and Africa, having more than 12000 employees worldwide and offices in more than eight countries.

Zepjobs, a venture to be started soon as an online job search and freelancer work portal in UAE and other GCC countries, Zep real estate, is a company in UAE (Dubai) that deals in buying, selling, and managing properties. Hence, the Hassan Mirza group works in several industries and has established deep roots in different regions.

This Young businessman is not only into business but also holds a designation as Director In BRICS+, a world-recognized government organization coined to associate five major emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

Through ZepJobs, an online job portal that allows people to work digitally and manage their finances. By working in four different investment sectors in the USA, Hassan Mirza is looking forward to helping people take loans to start a new business, mainly a small-scale startup. Due to COVID-19 and its effects, Mirza looks forward to empowering the USA residents to strive in this time of need.

Mr. Mirza’s success was deeply-seeded at an early age. Since childhood, he has been a hard worker and has focused on being self-dependent. At the age of 16, after his father’s death, Hassan decided not to rely on his father’s inheritance and work independently to support his family.

He started to sell stationeries to different schools and colleges under his friend’s company name. Later, his confidence and resilience resulted in trading sports goods to clubs Hassan used to play for.

After representing his national team, Hassan received the right amount of publicity from the media for his hard work and exceptional skills, leading to various new ventures with successful business people.

His hard work and strong will are his success story and made him the successful businessman he is today.

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