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Taking over the digital world as a social media specialist and marketer is Bilal Kazi

_*His passion for blogging and networking brought him to the forefront of the digital and social media industry.*_

It is quite surreal to know and learn about all those people who put endless efforts into pushing their limits, challenging themselves and offering something different to people through their work. All these individuals exhibit a certain kind of vibe and energy that attracts more attention and helps them excel at their niches like no one else in those industries. The world of marketing and blogging is one such that has so far welcomed many new talents on board and have shown the world what it really takes to become the best in the same. We came across one such rising name in the digital industry, who considers himself a marketer by mind and blogger by heart; he is Bilal Kazi.

From the beginning, if anything, that attracted this youngster the most, it was the idea of creating something of his own, something that he could feel proud about all his life and also go ahead in offering value to people. Hence, he began blogging in 2013 and found a passion for expressing himself through what he wrote. Though Bilal Kazi completed his hotel management from Rizvi College, he always felt the urge to do something in the networking and blogging field as he believed he had great skills in networking.

This led him to purchase a domain name and began with learning different ways to make money online. AdSense was the first monetization method and later, he jumped into affiliate marketing for growing his career. Bilal Kazi got the opportunity to work along with many celebs and advertising agencies, which helped him, discover his interest in inspiring people through his work. Marketing was a niche he always wanted to explore and hence started with the food industry. He began marketing food brands and growing them as a blogger and marketer.

Today, he has made his unique name in the food industry as a blogger and finds peace and happiness by supporting the brands in the industry. The young talent from Bahrain has collaborated with many top brands and celebrities in Mumbai and Bahrain and is looking forward to work with many more people. Bilal Kazi has turned into a well-known marketer and social media specialist today, who, through his skills, has propelled brands, which has also earned him great recognition and awards like Business Manager Award at Channel V India Fest Goa, and Best Influencer Award at Channel V India Fest Goa.

Looking at the success, the young talent has gained already, making brands reach their desired results; we won’t be surprised if he reaches the top of the marketing game soon. To know more, follow him on Instagram

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