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Successful Interior Designer Borhan Shares the Importance of Design

“The purpose of every architect, goal of every designer, and yearning of a true creator should be the constant betterment of humanity and the service of all that dwell upon this earth.”- Borhan.

Design influences your way of thinking, how you perceive the world and even your decision-making. According to Borhan, good design creates a positive experience for users at every touchpoint and interaction with the design.

Referred to as a customer experience specialist by his clients, Borhan is a well-known successful interior designer specializing in commercial spaces. He is known for creating unique designs that surprise and delight. Looking at some of his works, you can see that the whole design experience is connected back to the brand. He believes design is alive when connected, so he takes his time to develop a strong concept for the brand before designing.

Here is the importance of design as shared by Borhan:

  • It helps your business stand out

Humans perceive beautiful things to be better regardless of whether they fit their desired function. A good design is all about creativity, and to be creative, as Borhan explains you should learn to be different. In his words, design is all about being creative and doing what you love. For any business to stand out, it requires well thought out plans with a design that connects with the target audience.

  • Helps optimize the space

With commercial designs, the right amount of space is imperative. Designers are experts when it comes to improving space efficiency along with functional usage. You want to try and minimize space while still ensuring it’s a place where customers will not feel congested.

  • Beautifies and enlightens

Interior design not only beautifies the place but also makes it feel livelier. Colors are known to affect moods. Borhan will tell you that in designing, color coordination is important. He notes that understanding the business’s goal and its target audience helps create a powerful interior design. For example, in a restaurant, there are colors that you find in almost every restaurant because they are perceived to stimulate appetite.

  • Promotes brand consistency

Consistency helps the customer to identify and relate to the brand more easily. It also shows how organized your brand is. Borhan understands that design is much more than what is visible. It is about connecting everything in a manner to demonstrate consistency and reliability. A good design incorporates all aspects and connects them to achieve one goal, which is business growth.

His advice to fellow designers is to work on each project as if it’s your last, create a design that you feel proud to be associated with as part of your portfolio. He says what he has learned over the years is that every single project you will work on contributes to becoming a more complete designer.

In design, functionality along with unique style is a plus. A good design creates a good first impression on the clients. When looking for a designer, find one that is unique. Borhan is known for creating a unique concept and designing a space that embodies that concept for the brand through every element and detail.

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