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Meet Rapper and Songwriter Kevin Jere

Who is Kevin Milot Barreau

Kevin Milot Barreau, popularly known as Kevin Jere, is a bilingual American rapper and composer who is widely regarded as one of the most promising artists of the early twenty – first century. Kevin Jere was born on November 29, 1994, in Long Branch, New Jersey.

Early Childhood and Education

His childhood, he recalls, was like a roller coaster ride. He learnt a lot of lessons, gained a lot of information, and experienced a wide spectrum of emotions. He compares his childhood to a television show in terms of how a character grows over the course of a season. He spent the most of his childhood outside, participating in sports.

There are three more siblings in his family. He is the youngest of three siblings: a sister and two brothers. Being the youngest, he claims, has its advantages, such as being able to avoid making the same mistakes as his elders and benefiting from their life experiences.

Back in high school, he obtained football scholarships from division one institutions such as Boston College and Bucknell, but he had to forfeit them due to a knee injury. He attempted to enroll in a community college but got dropped out after two months. He chose accountancy as his major since it was something he excelled at and would have been easy to get job with.

Inspiration for Music

According to him, inspiration for music was always there in his h ousehold. His grandmother was a church singer, and his uncle was a musician in Haiti. His brothers grew up listening to a lot of hip hop from the 1990s and early 2000s, such as Nas, Wu – Tang, and 50 Cent. All of these factors contributed significantly to his decision to pursue music. It’s also something he enjoys doing, and he enjoys making things. He says, ‘Bringing an idea to fruition the way you imagined it is one of the greatest feelings.’

Hobbies & Philanthropic Interests

He likes to keep writing, whether it’s a complete page or just a line, he makes sure to jot down all of his thoughts and ideas. He is also interested in fitness.

In terms of philanthropic venture interests, he believes there should be a greater emphasis on addressing homelessness. One thing he wishes to see change in the world is the abolition of world hunger. He believes that individuals, particularly children, should not have to worry about what and when their next meal will be. He says, ‘It’s crazy how we can have a billionaire and a homeless person all in the same place.’

Rap Career

Kevin Milot Barreau, a young dropout, discovered a means to express his enthusiasm for language and unleash his adolescent emotions through the new musical genre of rapping.Some of his most successful songs are Validation, All in All, and Floss.

Validation (2019)

Validation was developed by Hypekeyz and released in the summer of 2019. Kevin Jere wrote this lovely tune. The music video was shot in Newark. Validation holds a particular place in Kevin Jere’s heart because it was the last song he released before relocating to Los Angeles. As a result, it has a large amount of memory associated to it.

All in All (2020)

All in All, which was released in 2020, was a fan favorite, and it was produced by Kevin Hues. It is Kevin Jere’s second most popular song. As a result, he is hopeful that he will be able to make a music video for it. It was actually the first song Kevin Jere had recorded in LA.

Floss (2020)

Kevin Jere’s most-streamed song is Floss, which was released in 2020. Richer Milly produced the project.

It’s stylistically distinct from his previous releases, which he believes is why fans were drawn to it.

Future Projects

Kevin Jere is set to release dozens of new songs and videos in the near future. He’ll be releasing an album called “Cups of Mayhem” soon. It’ll be a ten-track record with visuals into the mix. This project’s first single song is called, “1 of 1,” sung by Kevin Jere. There is no set release date at this time, although it is expected to be in the summer. After that, he intends to release plenty of more singles. In addition, he intends to release several collaborations.

On a regular basis, people remark and send him notes concerning them . He quite excited about this because he believes his fans will enjoy his forthcoming album, “Cups of Mayhem.” “Cups of Mayhem” as it incorporates aspects from all three of those compositions. He has also been on many programs such as ‘Smoke Dza’ & ‘Retchy P.’

Obstacles in Rap Career: Gaining momentum and traction were some of the issues he contended with. Even if he wasn’t generating any money, he felt that it was still a passion to him. He states, “It will take time to build oneself up and deliver a decent product when you initially start out.” You must be perseverant and patient.

Future Plans of the Brand Kevin Jere

Kevin Milot Barreau is now pushing his brand ‘Kevin Jere’ to be a global one, from the name to the use of different languages in his songs. He wishes to see himself as the brand ‘Kevin Jere’ becomes even more worldwide over the next 10 years. He believes he has the abilities and resources to make it happen by putting his vision into action and taking one step at a time.

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