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Meet Blixur: The New App Helping Businesses Recover from Covid Fall

There has never been a more exciting time to be an entrepreneur.

Whether you are just starting with your first business idea or have years of experience running an organization, the market is buzzing with individuals hoping to succeed in their field. Though 2020’s COVID-19 crisis hit hard for the entire nation, with more than 20 million jobs lost due to the pandemic, more opportunities have arisen for American workers looking to take matters into their own hands and establish their very own businesses.

Of course, the road to success is not an easy one.

Fortunately, there are more than a few tools for these startups to utilize to their advantage. The Blixur Company is one of the newest solutions hitting the entrepreneur industry, hoping to target the more than 31 million entrepreneurs actively working in the United States.

Today, we will be looking at this innovative new solution to see what resources founder Dylan Davis has in store for the latest wave of American entrepreneurs.

Blixur: An Overview

As thrilling as the prospect might be to finally establish a business of your own, the statistics regarding success longevity are nothing less than sobering, with only 50% of the 6.5 million enterprises started yearly expected to last more than five years.

The numbers might be disheartening, but it is essential to look towards the strategies that enable the remaining half to continue thriving for years down the line.

Launching in the second half of the year, Blixur aims to be one of the strongest tools for increasing a business’s lifespan by following a simple yet powerful mission: Support and promote brands, not just products.

To remain accessible, the platform will be available through both a conventional website and on iOS/Android devices via two applications: a central “Blixur” app for buyers and a “Blixur Entrepreneur” app for business owners.

On a surface level, you could compare Dylan DavisBlixur model to that of Amazon; It is a marketplace where buyers seeking products and services can browse various businesses, independents, products and more. The platform takes a step forward, however, by allowing an even wider selection of services, including:

  • Photographers
  • Tutors
  • Barbers
  • Cosmetologists and so much more

Regardless of what business model entrepreneurs are hoping to establish, they can turn to Blixur for a chance to expand their client base and gain more sales than ever before through ongoing promotion and comprehensive customization abilities. It is the newest and brightest resource for scaling brands of all shapes and sizes to greater heights.

However, this marketplace approach is where the similarities with platforms like Amazon end and the Blixur Company’s unique benefits begin to shine.

The Blixur Formula:

Building a business from the ground up is no easy task. There is no shortage of priorities to consider when striving for independent success, from sourcing materials to hiring employees.

Still, there may be one factor more critical than all the rest: Brand trust and recognition.

Various industry surveys and research all point to the conclusion that customers simply will not purchase from a business that fails to meet their standards. For instance, 81 percent of consumers stated they would not buy from a brand they did not trust.

“Trust” is a difficult thing to define. Yet, there is a typical formula that has worked for major corporations worldwide: This is why so many brands spend millions on slogans, commercials, logos and more to build a “personality” for themselves that consumers can connect with.

Blixur Company founder Dylan Davis — an entrepreneur himself — clearly understands this phenomenon, as the platform is prioritizing business recognition above all else.

“Every brand is unique because every brand has a different meaning,” said Davis. “Therefore, each one should have the opportunity to tell their story.”

Blixur aims to achieve this by offering entrepreneurs a complete set of tools and resources to propel their business past any prior limitations. Sellers can list the services and products they provide, accept appointments, connect directly with buyers and more through the app.

The Blixur Company is even promising to promote the platform and the businesses it hosts with extensive marketing campaigns, which will include:

  • Flyers
  • Articles
  • Commercials
  • Social media ads and more.

On the consumer side, buyers can search specifically for brands they know or browse for new ones to connect with. They will also enjoy fun surprises from the Blixur Company — like raffles of the hottest new items — designed to maintain customer engagement.

The Blixur Advantage

So, how does all of this help Blixur to stand out from other platforms? We compared the company to Amazon earlier, and after listing out its features, the difference should be clear.

At the end of the day, Amazon’s model is not sustainable, while Dylan Davis’ approach is a recipe for brand longevity.

Searching through the Amazon marketplace, you will see that the website is primarily designed to sell items. Only by clicking on a product and scrolling to the seller page will consumers finally get a look at the brand behind it — but exactly how many people are doing that?

After all, Amazon is all about speed. The platform wants visitors to click the “Buy” button as soon as possible — anything involving brand development is an afterthought. There is little to no personal connection between the buyer and seller occurring throughout the process.

Sure, you could find yourself earning sales easily using sites like Amazon. However, you will be sacrificing precious recognition in the process, as consumers are more preoccupied with individual items rather than your business as a whole. As a result, you will find it challenging to branch out, as no one will trust — or even recognize — your brand outside of that platform.

Blixur is here to change all of that for good. You will still benefit from the exposure a large marketplace like Amazon offers without sacrificing brand development and recognition. With Blixur, entrepreneurs can look forward to long-term success that keeps their businesses thriving for years to come.

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