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Farren Morgan Tactical Fitness & Lifestyle Coach

Farren Morgan has been a Serving Soldier in the British Army for over 6 years, and is an operating Physical Training Instructor (PTI) for the Coldstream Guards at Westminster, London. His role consists of training and educating civilians as he transforms them into soldiers. Through the years he has successfully progressed through the ranks to Lance Sergeant, and has provided value to the Military through his new innovative ideas which has contributed significantly to their success.

Apart from the Army, he started his online coaching business geared towards engineering Tactical Training programmes and releasing e-books that cover all aspects of Tactical Training and development including strength, conditioning, running and Tactical Personal Training through workout plans that span 8-12 weeks, while simultaneously training people worldwide, and launching his motivational Tactical Training page on Instagram which began in September 2020 and became an overnight success.

His Fitness brand has gained over 12K organic followers in 9 months by sharing his message aimed towards strengthening, supporting, educating and establishing Tactical Athletes all over the world in this current climate, which has led to his feature in Men’s Fitness Magazine in June 2021, and him being sponsored by the supplement brand known as Grenade, all of this as a result of his hard work and online presence.

His Training Programmes and Instagram page have motivated civilians and service members alike while the fitness centres have been closed, and he has joined like-minded people together by leading Tactical Fitness challenges, workouts, educating people through daily/weekly live chats about Military Training, the Military Lifestyle, and helping those in the Tactical Fitness Industry to stay motivated throughout lockdown.

His upcoming e-book will feature 20 custom-made conditioning workouts and varied runs that are inspired by his Tactical Thursday workouts, with the goal of reaching your best personal score for a 5K run!

Farren’s workout plans continuously challenge those that choose to take part, allowing them to witness their true potential, and lead healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

“My Ethos is to strengthen, educate, inspire and establish Tactical Athletes all over the world” – Farren Morgan

Farren Morgan

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