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The Renewable Revolution goes from the United Nations to the Red Carpet

You may have heard of INVIZION, an ESG oriented blockchain FinTech project, that aims to build a sustainable future for the world by providing the world with transparent data for anything, whether it physical, such as waste & recyclables or unseen with the naked eye, such as disease. With major partnerships with some of the finest & most prestige companies, INVIZION plans to bring forth some amazing and very much needed solutions.  

These solutions help out each and every individual that lives on this planet. With plans to develop, a sustainable waste to renewable infrastructure for its strategic partner’s Eco-Villiages across the world & rethink the way we see waste & evidence data + management, via the blockchain, there are limitless possibilities that will be available for the limitless future that is forever present.

 INVIZION is also the only project after Ethereum (ETH) to present itself in front of the United Nations 75th General Assembly, and was the first to of its kind to focus not just on the environmental side of ESG, but to develop a 360 competitive competence, that challenges the status quo of what the society views sustainability as. From Forbes India, to the United Nations, and now leading by example at the red carpet, yes you heard right, the leadership of INVIZION is focused on helping shift the lack of inclusive culture around our  corporate leadership, our schools, and even our entertainment. When we look at ESG, we notice that during 2020, the pandemic taught us a lot about who we are as people, and it left us with a heavy reality check as a fair reminder, ALL people deserve respect. 

The red carpet premiere will be taking place at The Landmark Pico Theatre on June 3, 2021, where Co founder and CEO, Daryl Taylor (***See ForbesIndia Publication) will be attending to support the progressive direction for inclusion of disabled, with the premiere of the documentary film, Altitude Not Attitude, created by actress Magi Avila, in her debut Daryl has had the opportunity to be apart of many global organizations, that help develop multiple competencies, not just in ESG space, but for the good it will do for us in society as a whole. INVIZION is creating a simpler cleaner and better future, like it has stated since day one of it establishment. Co founder Daryl Taylor credits all his success to his strategic team and fellow co founder Russell Lema (Chief Technology Officer) , Karen Montiel (Chief Marketing Officer), & Kenneth Singson (Chief Design Officer), as well board of advisors from around the world, and he gives  credit and a acknowledgement of deep debt of gratitude to INVIZION’s and supporters, as he has been seen in other press releases sharing his love for his volunteer organization. The startup team does not take a salary as they believe in the motto from one of their advisors Carlos Siqueira, “It’s about the Mission, before the Commission.” 

Attending the UN Leadership Summit Virtual Event will be a monumental as the team continuously adapts and innovates not just their technology, but the way they help shape the future of our new era as we start the second half of 2021. INVIZION gives the world a brighter light of hope, not just for our environment, but for our future beyond. 

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