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Ewelina Kołoda – A Polish whose marketing agency Nakatomi is taking Los Angeles by storm

Today we are talking with Mrs Ewelina Kołoda, the CEO of Nakatomi LLC – whose marketing agency, even though originating from Poland, is taking the marketing market in California by storm.

Good morning Mrs Ewelina, thank you for accepting the invitation to our interview.

It’s a huge honor and distinction for me that such a prestigious journal has invited me to an interview.

Mrs Ewelina, you come from Poland. Where did the idea for United States come from, even more importantly Los Angeles, since when do you have your headquarters in California?

Yes, exactly, I come from a small town in Poland. I have started my marketing adventure in 2014, by opening an agency in the Polish city – Gdańsk. Nakatomi started developing quite fast and thanks to the chosen management style, based on a teal organization, I could allow myself to study in the USA. While at the university in LA, I have met a lot of people who were either managing companies or had friends who had some negative experiences with leading unsuccessful marketing campaigns. I have already at the time had the experience from Poland, I was giving them tips, directing them onto the right actions, so that their brands would be bringing profit and at that moment, I have seen an enormous potential on that market for my polish agency. That is how in October 2016, I have decided to open a company in USA and officially enter the american market with the offer of our agency. A little luck, the right place and the right people, knowledge, that in the USA is a grand added value.

Mrs Ewelina, under which aspects is the american market different from the european one when it comes to marketing campaigns, what is unique here when compared to Paris, London or Warsaw.

Mr Editor, it is a completely different world, it’s not possible to compare it in anyway. It’s mainly about the awareness of the value of marketing and how much should good marketing actions cost. In Poland, 80-90% of our clients are expecting the results of the marketing already in the first phase of the project, even better if they start showing up in a week since the start of the campaign. In the USA it looks completely different, in the initial stage of the consultation with the potential client we don’t need to explain to anyone that it is important to focus on the longterm actions, and that if we only target sales, the campaigns do not bring the effect without building the image of the brand. It can be compared with the marketing in USA from 20 years ago, that’s more or less how much awareness the deciding people lack in comparison with our country. It’s the same when it comes to costs, in LA or NYC, because we are also working well there, every CEO knows, that to keep growing you need to first invest and then profit from the results. An investment in marketing on a 20-30% level in the early stage of brand development doesn’t scare anyone, meanwhile in Poland it’s impossible to reach.

Mrs Ewelina, how many people does Nakatomi hire, what brands do you offer your services to and what can the client count on, if he directs a query regarding marketing to you?

Nakatomi at the moment consists of 116 employees in Poland, USA & UK, in United States we are currently hiring 24 employees, 3 in NYC, 14 in LA and 7 in Hawaii. For american conditions it’s of course few, but we were taken a little aback, just like probably everyone, by covid, and the whole related situation. For us, it’s very important and a key factor that our clients haven’t left us, that we didn’t have to do any mass firings or cancel any contracts. We have big plans ahead and even bigger possibilities, the whole success of our team owes to the variety and the full service in terms of marketing. A client that arrives to Nakatomi will get a full package of marketing services, from building the strategy of introduction to the market, through the project branding, to PR and sales campaigns. From our bigger clients in the USA that we were honored to work for, you can find Pepsico or Bank of Indonesia. We know and are aware that there have been 50 big marketing agencies in the LA market for over 30 years, but we are pulling through, keep developing and soon we will be able to recruit even more employees.

Mrs Ewelina, a big applause from the entire editorial team for the dynamic development, the courage and entrance on the american market. Bravo to you and the entire team.

Thank you very much in the name of my employees and my own, it was an immense pleasure to be interviewed for the Los Angeles Tribune.

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