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Ernesto Weisburg – What It’s Like to Become a Private Investigator

Information from this article was compiled after an interview with Ernesto Weisburg, a private investigator who has been featured in national and international publications, discussing the private investigator career path.

When you think of a private investigator, you may imagine what you’ve seen in Hollywood movies: a man performing a stakeout in a dimly lit alleyway, or perhaps James Bond himself. That, however, is not the reality of the job of a private investigator. Being a private investigator is hard work, and it’s often not as adventurous or as thrilling as it initially appears.

Private Investigators (PIs) can work independently or as part of a larger organization. They often work in conjunction with law enforcement offices, and while their work is similar to that of a detective’s, they function differently. PIs work on criminal and civil investigations, using their eye for detail and passion for finding out new information.

PIs must be licensed in order to work. This is because they are often expected to perform acts that would otherwise be performed by police officers. Erneso Weisburg began working as a private investigator in his early twenties after obtaining his license.

Ernesto Wesiburg was drawn to the career path because he had a passion for meeting new people and learning about them. He says it is always interesting to find out new information about people and to learn more about their lives – information that lies beneath the surface.

“I love being a private investigator,” says Weisburg. “I can’t go without doing this work. I’ve been doing this since I was 21 and I am going to be 43 in just a couple of months.”

While Weisburg spends most of his time focusing on private investigations, he often gives his time on weekends to his local church and enjoys helping people in his community.

After looking back on his career, Ernresto Weisburg says that he is happy with the career path that he has chosen. He says the combination of working as a private investigator and giving his time to god and the church on weekends is the perfect fit for him.

In the future, Weisburg is excited about continuing to give back to the community. He hopes to keep volunteering in churches and perhaps even open a church of his own someday.

“I know this will all take time,” says Weisburg.

Meanwhile, that’s not stopping him. Ernesto Weisburg is just getting started, and according to him, he has a lot more that he wants to do.

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