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Geliyoo Informatics Company Launches Supply Chain and E-Commerce Integration System.

As an illustration says “secret of going ahead is getting started”, Geliyoo Bilişim wouldn’t have made it so far if not for the CEO founder, Hakan Atabas who kickstarted it, financed all the activity and keeps the company moving with all his team. 

Hakan Atabas, who provides consultancy to many people, institutions and organizations in the field of blockchain technology, is also the author of a book called “Blockchain Technology and The New Place of Crypto Money in Our Lives” Hakan Atabaş Book 

Geliyoo Informatics Company continues to improve its work for the web browser, you can find the technical document here. Geliyoo Web Browser

Geliyoo Bilişim, one of the leading IT companies in Turkey, launched, a new supply chain project for Prestashop systems in the field of E-Commerce. Geliyoo Bilişim also aims to publish the open source exchange platform called in the near future. This project, which will be open source, will be downloaded and used on Github. The Xtremcoin exchange platform, which will be open to the support of all developers, does not sell any crypto money. It is broadcast only for software promotion.

In the meeting with Geliyoo Bilişim CEO Hakan Atabaş, he stated that they will sign many detailed projects related to Blockchain technology and will open the Blockchain Supply Chain project in the near future. Supply Chain Geliyoo.Hepcy is global API service which will serve for connection many tools and marketplaces in one place to manage orders and inventories. will help to manage your multi-channel and wholesale business in real-time for shipping, e-invoice, accounting, selling on marketplaces. IT empowers wholesalers and retailers to efficiently manage inventory, orders, products listing, shipping, Returns management and much more. It has global API services for Prestashop, Trendyol, UPS, Amazon so on.

The company keeps pace with new generation technologies, is one of the leading IT companies in Turkey working with the aim of “Creating, Spreading and Preserving Information” with a team of 52 people in the field of current technologies by renewing itself day by day.

At the same time, Geliyoo Information company has nearly 70 E-Commerce customers and offers unconditional support to its customers by using the Prestashop infrastructure.

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