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Johnwick Nathan lays out the secrets to his success

Many Americans have forgotten the American Dream. It’s an abstract concept – that anyone can find success in America no matter their background or personal history. These days it’s becoming harder and harder to find this sort of success, and many believe that you need to have certain traits and skills to achieve it. These traits are illuminated when we look at the history of one of America’s fastest rising entrepreneurs – Johnwick Nathan. He spent years building his businesses, and now he wants to share the secrets to his success with everyone.

Johnwick Nathan came to the United States from Haiti with his mother when he was 3 years old. Since then he has expanded his horizons in a rags to riches story for the ages. Now he wants to share the secrets to his success so that others can improve their lives too.

Life hasn’t been so easy for Johnwick, coming from humble circumstances with little money, but he found his passion in the arts. His first job was axt a volunteer organization called Operation Unite New York in Hudson. Operation Unite involved him with a drumline, hip hop dance, African Dance and more. Through his volunteer work with Operation Unite NY, he learned about how offices run, and he learned interpersonal skills – vital knowledge that would assist him in his later ventures.

He moved from New York to Connecticut to live with his sister at age 15, and stayed there with her throughout his teenage years. They lived in harsh circumstances once again – a small studio apartment, more of an attic really. “Our shower was so small If you bent over your butt would pop out of the shower and hit the wall. For us that was just life. That’s just what we had to deal with,” Johnwick said, recalling the experience. It was a foundational time for Johnwick – during these years his sister encouraged him to become a part of their local church.

At church Johnwick played the piano and the guitar, reigniting his passion for the arts, coming from his time at Operation Unite. After graduating from high school, he went to Bible college to continue studying music. All he wanted to do was create music. He wanted to be known for being a phenomenal piano player, and a phenomenal musician, but he found his true calling after moving to Arizona to pursue further education.

There he started working as a behavioral health technician at a group home – a vital place for people to overcome drug addiction. His previous volunteer experience guided him as he helped clients one-on-one to rise out of the worst places in their lives. “To be able to see a person change; that’s like watching a child be raised. When you have a child and he or she grows up and you’re like ‘man, I really did a great job,’” said Johnwick. Doing this good work and having a positive impact on his community, set the pace for Johnwick from then on. “Doing that, it changed my life. And at that moment I said ‘you know what? I think this is what I want to do.’”

While developing a strategy to start his own businesses, he was learning from some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds on the planet, famous names like Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone. The insights from these business masterminds inspired Johnwick to create his own clinics for people in need. He started a business called Harbor Health Integrated Care, which specializes in helping those in distress, from addicts to people suffering mental issues. His business has only grown since its creation. He now serves many clients across the state of Arizona. Many of these clients are Native Americans who come from reservations in Arizona. Johnwick has made it his mission to help these struggling people as much as he can.

How has Johnwick found so much success early in his life? To hear him tell it, it’s all about mindset. “I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction, and that what you believe you will become, and what you expect, so shall it be based on your mindset.”

Johnwick has been involved in other ventures since the creation of his business, like real estate. No matter what venture he is involved with, he carries with him a set of principles and values, the most important of which being love. By love, Johnwick doesn’t mean romance, he means taking a happy and loving approach to every business venture you’re involved in. It’s about being able to see the good in things and establishing value right away.

Taking a loving and empathetic approach to everything you do is vital to Johnwick. “Love is so important because you never hurt what you love. You care about what you love and you still want what you love,” he said. This love is what carries him through all of his business ventures, and pushes him into the future as he continues to develop his business.

Currently, Johnwick is expanding Harbor Health Inc., adding a primary care practice and other facilities to make sure people get the medical and mental care they need. He hopes that others can be inspired by his success to take similar approaches in their own business ventures.

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