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Life Engineer and Author, “Dr. G. Rex Kruhly Hosts Depth Healing Event Tagged “THE GENESIS EVENT” to Generate Wealth, Business Expansion, and Health by a profound Quantum Technology of Mind

Humans are wired to initiate responses once the body perceives a threat. If the Amygdala in the brain lights up, it signals the Hypothalamus and a neuroendocrine process begins that causes the body to release stress hormones such as cortisol. Chronic stress and fear can stop the blood supply to the Gut Biome, inhibiting the immune system, and shunting the blood supply from the front of the brain to the back.

The stress hormone process is an efficient system for managing short-lived emergencies but it has life-threatening impacts when it is sustained long-term. If such conditions are sustained, the Gut Biome, which is the seat of biological life where all growth and repair is carried out, is affected. Also, when the immune system is shut down, the body becomes prone to bacteria, viruses, and environmental toxins. And lastly, with blood supply constricted from the thinking area of the brain to the reactive subconscious mind, one becomes less intelligent and more reactive.

Today’s uncertain stress-saturated business world is impacting all levels of business, wealth consciousness, and health. The key to healing this so that businesses can grow, adapt, and thrive is found in the subconscious minds of the people involved.

To this end, the Founder of DEPTH HEALING QUANTUM TECHNOLOGY, Dr. G. Rex Kruhly has announced his collective transformational solution. THE GENESIS EVENT is designed to remove the negative programming, fears, limiting perceptions, and mental barriers that block goals, success, progress, resilience, and cause disease and from mental/emotional stress. That done, a greater level of consciousness will be fostered. THE GENESIS EVENT is a Collective Unified Field Solution.

THE GENISIS EVENT will take place on October 2, 3, and 9, 2021 with 7 additional weekly sessions as follow up. It features a wide variety of healing processes carved out by Dr. G from his 50 plus years of study and research. In the buildup to the event, participants and attendees would be required to contemplate their childhood days until age 12. This would be done from September 20 and span till September 30. During this contemplation period, they are expected to write out all significant memories, traumas, hurts, shocks, abuse, etc. All this is for their records only, to awaken the information in their minds; none of their personal information is shown or shared with Dr. G. at all. Attendees are also required to reflect on and write out their core values regarding their life, ambitions, financial and career goals, to establish personal coherence. Finally, they need to be crystal clear what they want to have or achieve from this special opportunity to re design their life and business.

Dr. G is an Internationally Recognized Distance Healer who uses the Quantum Field as a basis of healing consciousness and altering life circumstances. He works with Morphic Fields in groups of 10 to 21,000 individuals to create collective change for individuals, businesses/organizations, and humanity. His expertise addresses almost all physical ailments and diseases effectively while facilitating life design for happiness, prosperity, and personal power.

THE GENESIS EVENT is a Virtual Intensive with morning and afternoon sessions lasting 2 – 3 hours with short breaks on the hour-plus an hour for lunch.

What makes this event different from any other anywhere in the world? ALL the participants will be joined by Dr. G to form a Morphic Field via their hearts similar to computers connected to the cloud. Then, using his Quantum Technology, he will work in the collective field removing all the negative programming, fears, etc., relative to the goals and objectives of the participants. Since this is a Collective Field, it is Massively Powerful. The ability to shift Entire Morphic Fields is the primary difference between Dr. G. Rex and other consciousness specialists.

Each day high-performance skills, cognitive coping strategies, and self-empowerment methods will be taught in addition to the Morphic Collective Sessions.

Additionally, all participants receive 7 weekly 2-hour follow-up sessions for mastery of the skill sets taught as well as any personal issues.

Dr. G is the author of “WANT MORE?” a book that interprets a Zen treatise for business individuals on how to bust workplace stress and challenges, encapsulated in “The Seven Simple Disciplines to Empower Your Life”. Dr. G. Rex Kruhly has served thousands worldwide with clinical results that are more than robust.

About Dr. G

Dr. G is a Life Engineer, Author, expert in Quantum Consciousness, and the founder of Depth Healing Technology. He uses Psych-K for Brain Reprogramming; Breath Methods to break Stress Loops, Severe Anxiety, and Panic Attacks; Personal Coaching to bring about lifestyle changes to produce high-performance habits, reframing for stress control/motivation, and building cognitive strategies for resilience and success; Tibetan Reiki and other modalities as needed.

A licensed Chiropractor, apprenticed under World-Class Doctors, in the areas of Network Chiropractic, Metabolic Therapies, Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T),

Dr. G has coached scientists from NASA, the Military, Silicon Valley Executives, and IT People in professional and personal development. Rehabilitated addicts of alcoholism and drug addiction, and sexual abuse.


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