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Technology entrepreneurs who owned 2021!

Pictured above: Entrepreneur Andrea Sommer & Inventor Chris Tomic (Dania Martinez / Associated Press)


Technology has become indispensable in modern society. Not only is it one of the fastest-growing industries, but in business itself, it allows company owners to have clear research of the markets they are in; by enabling them to collect important data. Since technology is an integral part of the life of almost every one of us, it’s good to know which are the technology entrepreneurs who are innovating and ‘owning’ 2021!

Andrea Sommer
A top advisor to many technology brands such as Microsoft … But that is just one part of her successful business life. Andrea Sommer is the founder of the female technology company UvvaLabs, which helps other companies make better decisions to create a more diverse workforce. Before that, she was the director of strategic initiatives at Avanade, then the founder of Hiver or technology companies founded by women, whose purpose is to improve their engagement around various events.

Chris Tomic
A hugely successful and influential member of the tech world; he has a strong history of world changing inventions and solutions. To give you an example…He is actually THE guy who invented first ringtones for mobile phones; and today is the founder and CEO of IDB Mobile Technologies (The world’s number one mobile marketing company). Tomic with his hand selected team now work tirelessly on several groundbreaking technologies, including building mobile payment solutions (yes paying for things with your mobile phone) he’s that guy. Rumour has it during lockdown he used his time doing what he does best and created several new technologies, all which will be announced in 2022.. watch this space.

Desmond Lim
With a degree from MIT Media Lab and Harvard, Desmond is one of the most influential technology entrepreneurs. An investor in the Dorm Room Fund and a former manager at WeChat, he is a co-founder of Workstream. It is an automated platform for hiring companies that hire workers by the hour.

Jayson DeMers
EmailAnalytics CEO Jayson DeMers is a longtime columnist for Forbes and other media platforms. He has written over 1000 articles on entrepreneurship, marketing, and technology. He won the Entrepreneur Blogger of the Year award.

Technology is increasingly affecting the business universe, and it has an impact on our day-to-day lives; we look forward to many more years of innovation from the tech leaders mentioned above

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