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Matthew Viray Photography and Filmmaking Rises in California and Nevada

Ever since he first picked up a camera in 2001 as a 13 year old, Matthew Matthew Viray has been in love with the industry and now as an adult is a professional photographer turned filmmaker who is based in California. His expertise has seen him establish a solid brand for himself called MV Film & Studios. The brand has grown remarkably with two branches in Vacaville, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Matthew has a very diverse portfolio and he specializes in couples and engagement photography, wedding photography, individual portraits, family portraits, model and stylized photography, nature and landscape photography and astrophotography, filmmaking, and editing.

With his studio, MV Film & Studios, Matthew has plans to take his business places in such a highly competitive industry and he is accomplishing that by delivering his services from Vacaville, Fairfield, Concord, Sacramento, San Francisco, in CA to Las Vegas, NV, Lake Tahoe, CA/NV.

Matthew’s aerial photographs of nature look flawless and are worth taking a look at. His landscape photographs are also exemplary and are surely very satisfying to watch. 

“Nature’s magical spell provides a haven that can cure all your worries. It makes you dwell on the little things, like the way the sun rises in its glory and the way it transitions into the different times of the day. From the sunset to the starry nights, and the highest of mountains. This is our beautiful world”, says Matthew Viray.

Matthew is a self-taught photographer and started it as a hobby at the age of 13. He says, “I fell in love with photography/film since I first picked up camera playing ‘Saving Private Ryan’ for fun back in 2001. Fell in love since then and that’s what got me started. I enjoy Landscape Photography as a hobbyist then I turned into my photography/filmmaking work into a career doing events.”

Photography is an art of recognizing the right angles, and Matthew’s professional skills speak through his photos. He captures his subject, scenes, and objects in an unusual, interesting way. His skills also contribute to his class deliverables in filmmaking and editing. 

Matthew’s clients have all good things to say about him, some of his clients’ reviews are featured on his website.

Matthew is keen on learning every day and says, ” “I am a dedicated learner, I decided that I did not need higher education and could learn everything by me from books, documentaries, training courses, and of course, practice. In my opinion, it is not always necessary to receive an education to succeed in life, as everything you need is a goal, hard work, and dedication.”

To know more about Matthew Viray, visit his official website: MV Film & Photography ( or, visit


MV Film & Photography

Matthew Viray

Email: or 707.828.1258 on calls/texts.

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