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Compton High Alum Guy B Duhon Jr Creates Destination Festival Celebrating Black Culture Globally

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NeverLeveled has begun making its announcements for Culture A Destination Festival, as many festival goers are excited for what is to come, we were more intrigue to find out it’s Founder/CEO Guy B Duhon Jr is a Compton native and Compton High School Alum.

Guy, who is mild mannered, maybe as laid back as anyone shared laughs with a few friends, as we greet. Check out his incredible journey today!

Evening Guy, what inspired Culture, why Jamaica?

Evening, In 2015 initially we were planning and in talks with the Fontana Speedway. Maneuvering to gathering investors to what we felt may have been one of the biggest Music festivals if not of all time, definitely in 2017. Things fell apart, some of your biggest entities, promotion/ticketing companies moved in and moved us “the little guys” out of the way. We visited Jamaica for vacation, the light went off, why not here? Location, vacation and experience. 

Still remember your artist target list? (As he pulls out his phone and shares a few documents)

Yes, right here is the deck of artist we’ve spoke to or had LOI’s from. Our goal was to put Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole on a festival stage for the first time together. As you can see here besides those two, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Future, Usher, Tory Lanez, Steve Aoki, Major Lazer, Kehlani, and Frank Ocean were among our Culture 2017 list. WOW! There’s 6black and Masego on your list, based on timeline, this may have been before their debut albums, correct? Correct, I’m a huge fan of both.

Why the name NeverLeveled?

I wanted to name the company something that represented “there’s no level in what we do” we were at my sister-in-law house, we shouted out names, my wife cousin (Tiffani Grier) says NeverLeveled and it stuck, I loved it.

Attending Compton High School, did you have vision of the things you’re doing today?

No, everything was sports and girls. Running around hardheaded, looking to have fun. Part of being young, sometimes I look back and can’t believe the decisions I’ve made.

Had any favorite teachers or moments during your time at Compton High School?

Yes, Ms Kemp maybe everyone favorite, Mr H, Coach Bryant, Coach Arbuckle and Mr Allerd. All were great. Love them all. Oh! Can’t forget about Ms Thompson, saved me from getting in trouble many times.

What does it mean being Compton High Alum?

We better than those other two schools (he laughs) Just joking, Definitely prideful, strength, perseverance, mentally strong. I feel attending Compton High is like watching many concrete roses blossom and that you can make it anywhere.

Now versus High School, what may some think?

They may say, he’s matured a lot. Doing better than most have thought.

How many generations, have the Duhon family attend Compton High?

I would say three now.

We were told your father was a great baseball player during his time at Compton High, any truth?

Yes, his twin brother as well. 

Any plans on going back, or have you?

I went back once since graduating, I do have plans to give back, have yet to speak to anyone. I have hopes it’ll happen soon.

Getting back to Culture, for those that are not aware, what can you share? what can attendees expect?

Our goal is to combine travel with entertainment. Not only entertain festival goers but have them enjoy the island as well. They can expect non-stop events, a weekend that’s different from most.

What does Culture mean to you?

History, our roots, our creativity, our sound, our accomplishments, I hope within our festival weekend we celebrate those who paved the way and give roses to those who are entertaining at this moment.

Expectations are rising, television network doing well, festival coming, what can expect from NeverLeveled in the future? 

Many things we have a few television series in production, will announce soon, over 50 podcast from various parts of the globe, a soundtrack for Culture as well.

Soundtrack? What genres are on the album? Any artist you care to share for the festival and tracks?

Yes, we’re looking at many ways to market, why not through the music? Some of the artist on the lineup will be on the soundtrack. 

The talent we have announced so far DC Young Fly, Dj’s Tony Matterhorn, Millie, OSOCITY, Jada Kingdom. We’ll announce Sean Paul, DJ Spinall, Oxlade, Posh Morris, Noah Powa, DJ Blu, DJ D-Ron, Trabass, have many Hall of Fame Athletes throwing private events. Just the roll out of phase one, phase two will happen soon after, we’ll roll out in four phases. Soundtrack and festival we’ll cover genres of Afrobeats, Dancehall, Reggae, Hip Hop and R&B. There are some huge announcements coming very soon, I hope you all attend.

Sounds huge at this moment, there’s a younger you attending Compton High today, advise you would give him.

Don’t follow crowds, create a path for you to follow and along that path make goals, attack your goals, don’t look back even if mistakes are made, just correct them as you move forward. Just don’t be afraid to fail and when you do fail take it as a learning lesson and attack where you left off. 

Don’t let negativity detour you from the things you want to accomplish.

What motivates you?

Family, the fear of failure. Not returning to what I left behind. Not being able to create a future for my family. Watch my mother work hard and continue to do so. I hope to change that soon.

Guy, it was a pleasure, I encourage you to keep going, you’re a motivation to many. Respectful and humble. Looking forward to Culture and the many announcements. Beautiful family as well.

Thank you and thank you all for your time.

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