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Waiting to face each other in the ring Jake Paul and Dillon Danis also face each other in the crypto market.

There are many things that have changed over the years in business sectors and sectors, and among them, there is no denying how the emergence of different talented beings and the new ideas and concepts they bring to the table, utilizing the many opportunities. they have also brought them more success. In the midst of this, how could the cryptocurrency world be left behind? This space has been on the rise for so long and has brought innovations that people around the world are always looking forward to.

After the many coins that have gained great recognition and success in the industry as Dogecoin, other meme coins has exploded called Safemoon and Yummy with the support of Jake Paul one of the most well-known athletes thanks also to the power of him on social media.

Jake Paul with his great credibility and business acumen has propelled Safemoon and Yummy tokens and we think that behind much of Safemoon’s and YUMMY’s token success is his great power.

Jake Paul in recent months has challenged Dillon Danis said “El Jefe”, the 2 have launched several challenges in social networks, inviting each other to fight against each other.

A few hours ago ‘Dillon Danis exposed himself on his social networks with a video where he sponsors Moonshot, the crypto currency competitor of Safemoon, which in recent months has made itself known for the large number of holders it has accumulated, about 90,000, in a few weeks.

What is interesting to know is that Jake Paul is now not only his competitor in sports but also appears in business.

Moonshot has been very successful because its tokenomics distributes a small percentage of the amount that is transacted to all holders. Whether it’s a buy or a sell, 4% is divided among all moonshot holders.

Safemoon is unattainable for now, thanks also to the continuous support of a super star like Jake Paul, but Moonshot certainly does not stay and watch.
The support of Dillon Dennis, as soon as the markets return to their peak, will certainly be useful.

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