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What’s Up With The Recent Surge In Precious Metals Investments?

People have been diversifying into gold and silver recently like never before. According to Statia, precious metals investments have surged 212% since the COVID-19 pandemic started in January 2020. It is not clear if the pandemic is the root cause of the dramatic increase, but the numbers indicate that the significant sift into precious metals started to occur around the same time as the pandemic.

We contacted GMRgold ( for comment. GMRgold specializes in rare gold and silver bars, coins, rounds, and more. The precious metals leader is based in The Woodlands, Texas and has been in business almost a decade. GMRgold boasts nearly 1,000 five-star reviews from their seemly very satisfied customers.  GMRgold a member of the NGC collectors society, NCS, CCE, and more. They are recognized leaders in the precious metals space. 

According to Trey, GMRgold’s leader, “I believe the purchasing behavior of the normal US investor changed about the same time as the beginning of the pandemic. I think people started to really evaluate their holdings since they were forced to dip into savings. They now appreciate more than ever the importance of having real knowledge about their portfolios. Many of our new customers looked at the historical scorecard of gold and compared it to traditional investments and figured out they would have had a lot more if they would have started sooner moving into gold.”

It’s clear investing in gold or other precious metals comes with a lot of benefits. It is one of the best ways to protect wealth for the long term future. Many investors safeguard their money and get greater returns when gold prices increase, which they seemingly always do historically. 

Precious metals are in huge demand right now. This might be driving the run on them. A few months ago you couldn’t get silver. If you could, you were paying a massive premium. It seems many investors didn’t care. Silver was selling out of every previous metals vault in the country.

Trey quoted, “We were one of the only groups in America that didn’t raise our prices. Our customers didn’t deserve the price gouging that was going on with many other precious metals firms. This move didn’t only solidify our customer base, it brought us 1,000’s of new customers.”

When we interviewed a GMRgold private client advisor, she told us many of her clients love precious metals because they can literally sell them whenever they want. Her clients simply sell their gold or silver coins and get all the money they need for whatever they need with a simple phone call into the trading floor of GMRgold. Her clients are able to sell their coins for any reason at all. 

Precious metals investing provides the assurance needed when building generational wealth. GMRgold is proud to provide exceptional services to its customers nationwide. They wrapped up the interview by telling us they thought the uptick in demand will continue throughout the current US Presidency. It seems democrats in office tend to drive people towards metals. Only time will tell, but all indicators are that GMRgold is correct on their assumptions.

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