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Bayo Alawiye Shares His Journey as a Rising African Actor in America

The road to success is never easy. This is especially true in the case of Bayo Alawiye. This Nigerian actor/director of Yoruba descent is trying hard to find his big break in Hollywood. He began his career in the entertainment industry in Africa in 2005. Having studied Theater Arts at the prestigious University of Ibadan, Bayo Alawiye had left no stone unturned to hone his craft. His dream is to be known globally for his creative skills, particularly acting.

Bayo Alawiye stepped into film production in Africa with the movie titled “IJA OKAN”. He was the director and the lead in the movie. The movie helped him make a name for himself in the African film circle as a director and actor. Following this project, Bayo Alawiye acted in several other movies in Africa. He also ventured into the African television industry producing a couple of milestone projects until he discovered his calling in the United States. Bayo Alawiye moved to the United States just 5 years ago and has already started taking steps to achieve his dream.

As he moved to the U.S and settled in Indianapolis Indiana, circumstances started changing in his favor. He was able to connect to several filmmakers from his community who were also living there. He spearheaded a budding film industry in Indianapolis with the support of other filmmakers. The industry now produces one film every month on average. The rich content and exceptional creative skill that these aspiring filmmakers displayed in their work have earned a lot of positive reviews across social media and online.

Most of the movies produced by Bayo Alawiye and his associate filmmakers are released on YouTube and Netflix. Everything has been going quite well for this group who are striving to find a big break that their talent deserves. The film industry in Indianapolis will soon be releasing two major films. Right now both the movies are in the post-production phase. One of the movies titled “Privileged” is expected to thrill the audience. Bayo Alawiye and his team of filmmakers are quite excited to launch this project and are expecting an overwhelming response from the audience.

Coming from a small country like Nigeria to live his American dream was not easy for Bayo Alawiye. He had to fight for social justice and other obstacles that came his way. Bayo Alawiye believes that his positive attitude and never-yielding spirit are the reasons behind his success so far. It is this attitude that will help him accomplish his dreams.

Currently, Bayo Alawiye’s dream is to work in Hollywood because he believes that will give the best exposure to his creative skills. He is completely aware of the fact that being an outsider he will be facing several challenges and he is all set to face them. He is confident in his training and his natural skills as an actor. He wants the world to know him for his passion for acting. When he does achieve his goal, he wants to help his community in appreciate for all the support he has received over the years.

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